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Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 135 (For SDE II)

Last Updated : 18 Dec, 2018
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This was for Bing team.

First Round-(Skype Call)
3 PS/DS questions. All of them were questions which involved application of standard problems.

After that I was called to Hyderabad for a day long drive. 3 Interviews with managers, 1 with partner.
First Round-

  1. A book is given, write a function where input is line number and output is content of the line. This involved discussion, optimisation where the problem evolved into designing a cache.

Second Round-

  1. Function to fill sibling pointer in a binary tree.
  2. Design system which tells how many stations exist between 2 stations and trains which run between them.

Third Round-

  1. Design a system like one which facebook has, where you get live feeds from your friend.
  2. Find an element in an array such that all numbers before it are increasing and after that are decreasing.

Final Round-

  1. Past Experience based questions.
  2. Process and thread questions.
  3. A company which uses mac laptops as well as mac servers, wants to shift to windows server, but doesn’t want to replace mac laptops. Whats can be done?

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