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Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 109 (2 years experienced)

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Round 1 (Telephonic)

  1. What is LRU. How to Implement it.
  2. Find kth smallest element in an array.
    Solution: GeeksforGeeks Link
  3. In a file, there are two columns, first column has some word (String) and 2nd column has some value (Double).
    Example :-
    ABC 23.4
    ERF 34.89
    WERT 122.9
    Now user wants some arithmetic operations like 
    1) ABC + ERF = 23.4 + 34.89 = 58.29
    2) ABC - WERT = 23.4 - 122.9 = -99.5
  4. Design an efficient DS for these kind of operations.

Round 2 (F2F)

  1. Asked about current Project.
  2. Given a string str. You have to make this string to square string with maximum length. A square string is of the following format:
    str = x + x; where x is any string. Return length of this square string.

    str = ababa
    Max length square string = 4;
    str = abcd
    Max length square string = 1;

Round 3 (F2F)

  1. Asked about current project. Asked to draw architecture of my project. Then Asked to design a new feature that is currently not there in my project.
  2. Design undo and redo operation in Microsoft Word like text editor.
  3. Design Hit Counter. (Design Hit Counter)

Round 4 (F2F)

  1. Asked about current project.
  2. You are given a text file. You have to return the list of starting index of the given word in text file. Design an efficient DS for that.
    Example :-
    Text file content : "geeks for geeks"
    word : "geeks"
    List : {0,10}

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Last Updated : 20 Dec, 2018
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