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Mercedez Benz Research and Development India Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2020

Recently MBRDI visited our campus for Graduate Trainee Engineer(GET) position. This was a pool campus drive. The first selection was on the basis of an aptitude test with some 50 odd questions, no technical questions, no coding questions.

Around 80 were shortlisted from different colleges

Technical Round: Pretty Easy if you know the basics well. Everything depends on the panel, one was completely resumed and real-life usage of them based and the other was purely technical.

 They asked me about 

  1. Java and OOPS concepts as I said to them that java was my favourite language.
  2. DBMS: ACID properties, Joins
  3. DS Algo: which one is better, Trees or Linked Lists and explain why. Working on BST and application of Trees. Code the bubble sort
  4. Printing basic patterns like 54321, 4321, 321, 21, 1.
  5. Reverse a string in 2 ways, which one is memory efficient and which one is time-efficient
  6. Find the repeated characters in the array.
  7. Puzzle: To split a cake with max 3 cuts into 8 pieces
  8. Software EngineeringL SDLC, Waterfall model, Agile model, advantages, and disadvantages of both.
  9. Unix basics (If you have studied this).

Questions on skills and projects mentioned in the resume.

Result: Not Selected for the next round even though I felt I answered most of them correctly and passionately and expressively. Yeah, life is unfair.

Managerial Round: Completely based on your projects or if you are lucky you may get an interviewer who could just ask you casual questions about your hobbies, interests, and stuff

HR Round: Just normal life questions and about the company.

PS: I found it a bit weird when the interviewers didn’t have their videos on during the interview.

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