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McAfee Interview Experience for Technical Intern | On-Campus Dec 2020
  • Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2021

Round 1 Online Assessment:

  1. E-litmus PH test 120min(you could find pattern online-difficulty level hard)
  2. Ph test consists of 3 sections Apti Reasoning English of CAT level.
  3. 40 min MCQ test based on OOPS, C, C++, CN, DBMS, OS

Only me and one girl were selected for Round 2.

Round 2 Technical Round 1 (35-40 min)

  1. Lot of OS, CN, etc. questions in Deep.
  2. Some of them are.
  3. Compilation Process of C program.
  4. Linking and Loading?
  5. What happens when you type a URL.
  6. Protocols and OSI Model in detail.
  7. Protocols at each layer of TCP/IP Model and what are they used for?
  8. HTTP vs HTTPS?
  9. Symmetric vs Asymmetric Cryptography.
  10. Coding question: Based on prime no.
  11. One Apti question on Time and Clock (Find angle type)

I made a silly mistake in the Coding question and gave the wrong answer to the Apti Question. The theoretical round went well.

Verdict. 1 Student got the offer. I was rejected.

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