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MAQ Software Interview Experience for ASE (2022)

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Exam Pattern: Total 13 sections. There is no time limit for the section we can shuffle between sections

  • Coding Round(last section) :which contains  4 questions 
  • one problem is a simple math-based problem
  • two medium questions which are based on dynamic programming, Binary search,
  • one hard dynamic programming question (tricky)

The rest of the sections are  MultiChoice based on different topics 

  • DSA  easy, medium, hard (3 sections)
  • Operating systems, easy, medium, hard 
  • Object-oriented programming is easy and medium 
  • Aptitude rounds

Interview Pattern

Round 1:(Technical Each round is 45 mins)

  • Brief introduction about me 
  • Asked about my projects 
  • Then gave one programming question finding the kth largest number in an array 
    • I explained to him three approaches and then he added to me that can we use variables  (sorting,priority_queue, bubble sort for k time, then using variables)
  • After saying all approaches he just asked me to place time complexities order increasingly (o(n)<o(n^2)..)
  • After programming questions, he tested my statistics knowledge because I mentioned that I am machine learning enthusiast so he asked  what is 
    • Normalization, standardization, variance, and standard deviation
    • Then he asked what is the difference between decision trees and random forest 
    • At last, asked what are Acid properties 

Round 2:(Technical)

  • Brief Introduction
  • Asked a few questions in my projects that why I have selected these topics to do projects 
  • He had my previous round approaches list so he asked me to implement the code and run it online compiler
  • Then he asked few Dbms keywords meaning and asked me to explain them in our daily life with some examples 
    • Delete vs drop vs truncate link
  • Asked about my previous internship completely and what was a problem there,what we did , what was team size and so many things
  • Then last he asked What are typical steps for data preprocessing 

Round 3 (Hr):

  • Brief Introduction
  • Started with a cricket puzzle which I was not able to answer.
  • Describe yourself in three words
  • He asked me to show how I manage my time (since I mentioned time management)  I said I will use the todo app for maintaining deadlines so he said me to present the screen and show the todo app (so be honest with your answers)
  • Why do we hire you? 
  • Why maq?
  • What is your biggest  failure  in your life how did you come out from it
  • What is your jee rank? And why were you not able to get a single-digit rank
  • Then asked me why I didn’t get single digit rank in jee
  • Then asked how you will manage your health (mental health as well)
  • Rate yourself for honesty on a scale of 10 
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Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2023
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