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Mahindra Comviva Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

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Recently Mahindra comviva visited our campus for its placement drive. 

Round1: Online Aptitude (Quantitative Ability based questions/Technical including C, OS, DBMS, OOPS concepts/English included antonyms, synonyms and Comprehension) round taken by AMCAT. 

Note: R.S. Agrawal can be preferred for preparation of this round. 

Round 2: 1st Technical round questions: 


1. Do you know about Linux/Unix. I said yes. So he said write 10-unix commands. 

2. Then he asked me command to see the “version” of your kernel. 

3. Command to see the name of your system/kernel/version 

4. Write the for loop syntax in SS. 

5. Write the if-then-else statement in SS. 

6. Implement the string reverse function in C-language. 

7. Data structure: Then he gave me a LL based question to delete/remove a node from the middle of a singly Linked List. 

8. Then he asked about a few OOPs questions: 

What is Polymorphism, over-loading, over-riding ? 


What is Finally class (which should have been final class) 

Implement exception-handling 

Implement construct destructor in java 


What is Polymorphism.(I answered in the most typical way i.e. by explaining that poly-morphism is composed of 2 words… bla bla blah!! 🙂 ) 

What is virtual function? 

What is static Binding (I explained him binding first then nailed the question.) 


(i)What are DBMS collections? 

(ii)After getting answers to the above questions he then said let’s see the DBMS part. 
So he asked me to create a table by giving the description of the table like 

id (numeric, primary key) 

name (100 characters long) 

dob (date type) 

(iii) What is RDBMS (he meant difference bet DBMS & RDBMS) 

(iv)Give an example of the two (I gave DBMS as FOXPRO and RDBMS as ORACLE) 

Then he asked me to create a table (he meant to modify a pre-existing table) to add the 
primary key attribute to a column. 

I answered this question as: 


Finally, he said to me that “Okay Akash, it was nice meeting you.” 

So that was the end of 1st tech round. 

Round 3: 2nd Technical round: 

I was waiting for the interviewer. He came in and greeted me. 

Then he sat next to me and then he asked me to design the “IRCTC’s” website. 

Design the layout. 

Implement “Insert.php” 

Implement “Valiate.php” 

And write 20 unix commands… all in 10 minutes (+2 MINUTES WHEN HE SAW ME STILL BUSY). 

That was the end of 2nd tech round. 

Round 4: HR round
This round had only a couple of questions as: 

Tell me why do you want to join the IT sector and what do you want? 
What is your family background? 

Practice questions from Indiabix, RS agrawal,etc. 
Keep patience in yourself and answer only as much it is asked for (keeping your answer short & crisp) 

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Last Updated : 20 Jun, 2021
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