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Online Test: Mahindra Comviva visited our campus. An online coding Test was conducted on the AMCAT Platform.  It consists of 2 Coding questions of Medium… Read More
Recently Mahindra Comviva visited our campus for hiring students for the profile of “Engineer Trainee”.  There were 4 rounds in the process. (Online+Technical Interview+Write-Up+HR Round).… Read More
So Basically we received a mail regarding comviva drive from the campus group, where we where guided to a Survey Monkey survey. After filling the… Read More
Mahindra Comviva : Software Developer Round 1: Coding + Aptitude + CS fundamentals The first round comprised of 20 MCQ questions including aptitude, logical, C… Read More
Mahindra comviva visited my college two months ago, they were hiring for the profile “product development engineer” with working location either gurgaon(main branch) or bengaluru… Read More
Given an array, count pairs in the array such that one element of the pair divides the other.Examples:   Input : arr[] = {1, 2, 3}… Read More
Round 1:Online Test Mahindra comviva visited our college for hiring, for the product developer profile, 1st round was 15Mcqs + 2 coding questions on hacker… Read More
First Round (Technical Aptitude + Coding): The test was conducted on Hackerearth platform. It consisted of 20 technical questions covering all topics of computer science(relatively… Read More
The placement process was as follows 1) Online Coding Test on HackerEarth consisting of 3 questions which were relatively easy once you could understand the… Read More
Recently Mahindra Comviva visited our campus for hiring students for the profile of “Product Development Engineer”. It was a 2-day long process. DAY 1: Round… Read More
Round 1 (Written Round: AMCAT Test): Online Test Consisted Of 5 Sections. Everyone Got Different Sets. 1.       Computer Programming Section (Only Pseudo Code Type Simple… Read More
Recently Mahindra comviva visited our campus for its placement drive.  Round1: Online Aptitude (Quantitative Ability based questions/Technical including C, OS, DBMS, OOPS concepts/English included antonyms,… Read More

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