Mahindra Comviva Interview Experience 2020 (Product/Software Development OffCampus)

So Basically we received a mail regarding comviva drive from the campus group, where we where guided to a Survey Monkey survey. After filling the form we received a mail having the schedule on Comviva Yelahanka Campus.

Round 1: It basically consisted of a 2hr test(approx) on AMCAT. The test consisted of 2 coding question(Easy but based on luck) and 20 questions of quantitative, reasoning and technical question based on DBMS, DS and small C coding. People who did atleast 70% testcase on 1 coding question and decent in the rest of the test where selected.

Coding Question (Different for everyone)

(Please practice a question or 2 in AMCAT as its confusing as JAVA was not working for me so I switched to C++ back and forth twice)

  1. Print the sum of two biggest numbers in an array.(Easy)
  2. You are given two center and radius (x1, y1) r1 and (x2, y2) r2, find the area of intersection of the two circles (Medium)

Round 2: The technical Interview was based on your resume

  • DBMS (What is RDBMS and Keys)
  • DS (LinkedList, Tree)
  • Coding question of frequency of numbers in and array. (Can be done easily using HashMap, HashSet and LinkedHashMaps)
  • Language Based questions (Eg in Java, what is wrapper class, what is garbage collector, what is new keyword and how is it different from string pool based approach etc)(In C what is Dynamic memory allocation, function of malloc, calloc, dealloc, Memory Leak, Pointers)

Round 3: The HR was pretty chill and he asked questions like

  • When do you plan to do MS
  • Some logical project problems
  • all about my resume
  • about my club and project activity

I was Pretty lucky to be offered even after being from non CS background, Hard Work paid off. 🙂

Almost 25/250(total appeared for round 1) where selected.

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