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LeftRightMind(LRM) Pune Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 05 Mar, 2018

LeftRightMind (LRM) basically works on the mobile and web design and development. It is founded in 2014 which is a startup company.

Round 1: Aptitude test : Time and distance, age, cistern and pipes, time and work, Geometry, Simple/Compound Interest, Percentage.Total 50 Question in 1 hour.

Round 2: Technical Test: MCQ’s on object oriented programming language such as java and c++.Total 60 Question in 30 Minutes.

Round 3: Test 3 Held at office which contain 1 simple automata(program), 1 question on design database schema and design frontend and 1 logical question. Total 3 Question in 1 hour.

Round 4: Technical Interview: I have mentioned android in my resume so most of thw question is on android like API’s, Database Connectivity,  Different files in android studio, component of android and architecture of your my project in android.Then they asked me Java Networking, JDBC, Collection Framework.  asked question on C++/C, Software development life cycle, SDLC models, data structure such as linked list reverse, stack, queue. the interview was going upto 1 hour and 30 minutes

Round 5: HR Round : It was final round in which some scenario had given and i had to give solution on that and just normal questions on your life, your ability to work for company.


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