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LatentView Interview Experience for Analytics Engineer

  • Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2020

I applied through college and I got the mail for the overall schedule for the recruitment process priorly. It has 6 rounds. All the rounds were in virtual mode.

  1. Aptitude test
  2. Gd
  3. Personality assessment
  4. Tech interview 1
  5. Tech interview 2
  6. HR

All the rounds are elimination rounds except Personality assessment.

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Aptitude Test: Around 307 members registered for the test. I got the mail for the aptitude test before the test date. The test was mostly basic aptitude. The test procedure has one main constriction that the net speed should be at least 2 Mbps just for initiating the test.

Group Discussion: Among 307, 94 candidates were selected for the Gd round. We should frequently check our emails because all the information will be sent to the respective candidates only. Gd was around 30 mins and each candidate was given one chance only to speak.

Personality Assessment: Among 94, 38 candidates were selected for the tech rounds. We have to attend the personality assessment which is not an elimination round. Its time duration is 30 mins.

Tech interview 1: After the personality assessment, the next round is Tech round 1. In this round, the interviewer asks the basic questions like polymorphism, diff b/w class, and obj, and also he asks one case study and the interviewer expects me to answer the question. What will u do If u experience the situation I gave to u?. Be honest and say what is in your mind because the interviewers in LatentView are quite friendly. He also asked about my project, explain the project from the scratch. Be prepared with the resume and especially your projects. Every question tossed around the resume only. Finally, he asked, Do u have any questions?. I asked, What are the vital companies you provide service?”. The interviewer answered completely in a friendly way.

Tech interview 2: Among 38, we don’t know how many candidates went to the next tech round because the conversation between candidate and company is entirely through mail only. In this round. Again I was asked questions in my resume and my project in a more detailed manner.  You have to be prepared to answer the skills and participations related questions in the resume. Based on those mentions, they will ask situation related questions you faced in real life. The interviewer also asked about the Teamwork done in the projects and the part of the work I did particularly.

HR Round: The next and last round was Hr where the interviewer is extremely friendly and asks me were about, my family, about covid status in my area, interests, and hobbies. Also, she asked What is Data Science? And Why u chose data analytics? And Why LatentView, Is there any reason?. She also asked about my college’s current status of keeping online classes and exams. Finally, she asked, Do youy have any questions?. I asked about the work I should do when I join in ur organization initially. She replied in a friendly manner. She also told about the culture and benefits of LatentView.

As my seniors said and I also looked through many reviews that If I managed to get into the HR round, the job is yours:).

Among 307 people,11 got selected. Luckily I got selected too. Be honest with your answer and Don’t panic if u didn’t get the mail at the current time or u didn’t see the mail, because the recruitment team from LatentView will call you in person before the interview time allotted for u:).

All the best folks 😉

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