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Evive Software Analytics Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 16 Jan, 2018

Evive Software Analytics visited our campus.

Round 1:

This was an online test. The test consisted of 17 descriptive questions on probability, permutations and combinations, binary trees, time complexity, C programming snippets, and aptitude.

Test duration was 1 hour. The test was easy. Questions were mainly focused on probability and binary trees.

197 students appeared for the test. Only 6 were shortlisted. I was one among them:)

Round 2:

This was a technical interview round on hangouts. They asked simple questions on Java. Some of them were:

  1. Your major is Electronics and Communication. How do you know C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, SQL? Was it a part of your curriculum?
  2. What are the four major concepts in Object Oriented Programming? Explain with an example for each one.
  3. Derive time complexity of binary search and merge sort.
  4. How do you implement stack and queue?
  5. What is the time complexity of the following program:
for (i=0;i<n;i=i*3)
   do something;

How will you change it to O(log N)?

Some students had 2 technical rounds. But I had only one. 3 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3:

This was an HR interview on phone. She asked standard questions:

  1. Tell me something about yourself
  2. Why do you want to continue your career in software even though you are from Electronics and Communication?
  3. What are your stressbusters?
  4. Do you share your problems with others?
  5. Why Evive? What do you know about us?
  6. If you get an offer how long will you stay with Evive?

Only 2 students got offers from Evive.

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