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Keyword Driven Testing in Software Testing

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Keyword Driven Testing :
It is a software engineering technique or approach which is used in functional automation testing that’s why called as a type of functional automation testing. A table format is used for defining keywords or actions words in this technique that’s why called as Table driven testing and the keywords or action words are defined for each function/method in this technique that’s why called as Action Word based testing.

By this type of testing a table or spreadsheet format is used to define keywords or action words for every instructions that is under execution stage. Different types of actions and test data’s are used combinable and by providing these inputs the driver script plays a vital role for producing the output of the test result accordingly.

The key word driven testing basically based upon keyword driven framework that defines the functional automation testing and that are categorized into four different parts like test steps for test cases, objects, actions and data sets.

Phases of Keyword Driven Testing :
There are basically two phases of development for keyword driven testing is mentioned like Design and Development phase and Implementation phase. 

  1. Design and Development Phase 
    In design and development phase the set of actions briefly explains the mentioned keywords that are designed. The number of actions performed in this type is assigned with a single keyword and accordingly it is working in a sequential manner.
  2. Implementation Phase –
    In the implementation stage the final stage of execution may be performed by manual or automatic ways and sometimes it may be performed by both of the ways based upon the situation. The whole commands are executed in a set very precisely that can be determined in the primary stage of the function execution.

How it is used ?
By studying the above scenario we conclude that the testing may be performed by the manual and automated way but many times it is done by the automated way.

The objective for the automated testing is that for reusing the maintenance cost and for avoiding the duplicate specifications. Higher reusability of function scripting and good support for testing and portability.

In simple, identify the low and high level keywords and implementing the keywords as a running manner likewise. After that creation of test cases and driver scripts and finally the execution of the automation scripts are generally required for this testing.

Advantages of Keyword Driven Testing :

  • One of major advantage of this testing is that functional testers can plan test automation even before the application is ready.
  • For considering with no programming knowledge the test cases could be developed.
  • Another key advantage is that it is independent upon any specific programming language or any other tools.
  • Most automation tools available are compatible with this testing technique.

Disadvantages of Keyword Driven Testing :

  • The bigger disadvantage is that it is a time consuming process for developing the keywords and the functionalities of the testing.
  • The obstacles are driven for the technical able testers. The keywords may prevent the testers for preventing their technological idea and the years of experience during functioning the test.
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Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2021
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