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KEKA Interview Experience for Front End Developer

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KEKA Front-End Interview Experience

The first round comprised 100 MCQ questions including aptitude, logical, C output questions, and technical portions (Test Duration: 2 hours) For each correct answer, you will get 1 Mark, and 0.5 Marks ( 1/2 ) mark will be deducted from the overall score for the individual section in case if you mark a wrong answer.


After qualifying Round-1 

  • There will be a coding section, in which you will be given 5 coding questions and there will not be a compiler we have to write codes without using predefined functions the codes will be simple and tricky.(Test Duration: 2 hours) and you should be able to answer more than 3 questions to qualify.
  • And the very next day of coding you will have a Group Discussion with 10 member group and they give you a general topic and give you 10 minutes times to prepare for that and discuss it.
  • And at last, they give you an image of a web page and you should develop the webpage as the given image using HTML and CSS. (Test duration: They give it on 12.PM and ask to submit before 6. PM.

Round-3 (Technical Interview Round-1)

  • Self-introduction.
  • Have you been placed in any company?
  • Rate yourself in HTML (out of 10).
  • Explain the Oops concept.
  • Basic questions on HTML.
  • Questions from the project: I did a project on IOT so he asked me about the sensors.
  • They asked me to execute the code live by sharing a screen. The question is “Write a code to print whether the given number is even or odd, without using modulus and predefined functions.

This interview is based on programing languages after qualifying this there is a Round-2 interview which is purely based on FrontEnd

Round-4 (Technical Interview Round-2)

  • Brief introduction about you: Like the name, education, family, achievements, and goal.
  • Rate yourself in CSS (out of 10). After rating they asked me about the BOX model, what is meant by a: link and what are different positions.
  • And asked me about the HTML tags and formatting in HTML.
  • And finally, he gave me a sample image and asked me to write the HTML and CSS code to execute. The question given to me is about a button where the name of the button is KEKA and the button is in the center of the page.
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Last Updated : 10 May, 2023
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