JP Morgan Interview Experience | On-Campus for Internship

Round 1: 

Round 1 was coding round in which there were two questions. The first was 0-1 knapsack and the other was to find next permutation (next larger number).

Round 2:

This was a technical round in which the interviewer asked me some questions on my CV like my projects. He asked me to explain B-tree, then he again asked some project-based questions. Then he asked me bubble sort and to write the algorithm for the same. On this, he asked me to tell a technique to swap elements without using the extra variable.

Round 3:

This was more to test our analytical skills. The interviewer asked me two puzzles (which were from GFG itself) one was the four people crossing a bridge with one torch at night one, and the other was some train scheduling one.

In this round he also asked me about my pointer, why was it low in the first year and how did I bring about such a drastic change in my pointer in the second year (i had a 5 in first sem and an 8.86 in the 4th sem). I answered him that I did so with sheer willpower, determination, and hard work.

Round 4:

This was an HR round. He asked me about my family background, my father’s profession and why I chose engineering. He again pointed out my SGPA and asked me a few questions like how will I adjust to the company life in the new city and what technologies I would like to work in. Then he also asked the basic questions like what are my weaknesses and strengths,   and examples of such situations (all this with a poker face).

And then they selected me and as far as I could tell it was due to the increase in my pointer.

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