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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience for Summer Internship 2021 (Off-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2020

I applied through the career section of Morgan Stanley Official Website. There were three rounds:

Round 1 (Online Aptitude and Coding test on AMCAT) (90 minutes): There were 3 sections:

  • Aptitude Section: 10 questions in 20 minutes. These questions were easy-to-medium level MCQs
  • Debugging Section:  There were 7 questions based on C/C++ for debugging. (easy) (20 minutes)
  • Coding Section: This section had 3 questions to be done in 60 minutes. I don’t exactly remember the questions but
    • 1st was related to Arrays (medium)
    • 2nd was related to DP (medium)
    • 3rd was related to DSU (medium)

I was able to solve 6-7 aptitude questions, all debugging questions, first 2 coding problems.

I was confident about my test and got results via email after one week.

Round 2 (Face 2 Face Technical Interview on Zoom) (50-60 minutes):

First of all, I was asked to introduce myself, then I had to share the screen and open Notepad where I had to solve the problems.

  • I was first asked What I know about OOPs (so I told the fundamental OOPs concepts)
  • Types of polymorphism, Run time Polymorphism, and Virtual functions
  • Then I was asked to Design Netflix using Object Oriented Principles (The interviewer was helpful and gave me hints)
  • Then I had to code the problem: Find Kth largest element in an unsorted array
  • Then I had to code: Delete a node in LinkedList without head pointer
  • Then I had to code the problem: Given the start and Finish time of multiple jobs, find the minimum number of Laptops required. Each Job requires one Laptop. Laptops cannot be shared.

Tip: Give answers confidently. If you don’t know the answer -try to think of the solution (even if it is brute-force) otherwise just say confidently ‘Sorry, I can’t think of the solution right now’.

I received a call about 1 week later that I had been selected for the Final Round.

Round 3 (Face 2 Face HR + Technical Round on Zoom) (45 – 50 minutes): The Interviewer was very friendly (very very much). This round was supposed to be HR + Technical round (as I had read in many past experiences), but surprisingly for me It was only HR round.

First I had to Introduce myself.

  • I had a Team Project ( I recommend you should also have at least one team project ).
  • He asked questions like: How did it feel working in a team?, How team members used to contact each other for development and discussions? How did you manage your team?
  • Then we did a discussion about my Individual project (This was my Main project) (for about 30 minutes): Why I chose that project, Why I used specific technology, What if I had to make it a big scale – how will I raise funds ‘n all.
  • Then he asked some situational questions like What will you do if you think your approach to doing a task is better than your manager’s, but Manager is not agreeing?

Then He asked me what all subjects I have this semester and what subjects I have studied so far.

Finally, he asked me if I had any queries (I asked him which technology we will be working on and what is actually the role of an Intern).


  • Read all the Interview Experiences 2-3 times, you will get an exact idea of what topics you need to focus on.
  • Read OOPs and OS
  • Coding Questions are only a part of the Interview, Focus on other topics, and your way of answering them also.
  • Object-Oriented Design questions are easy, go through Movie-ticket Booking, Snake-n-Ladders, and Parking-lot Object-Oriented design questions to get an Idea.
  • My personal advice: Wear a shirt and sit in nice lighting to create an impact.
  • For Off-campus aspirants: Be patient, results usually come after 1 week.

I got an E-mail after 1 week That I had been Selected.

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