Morgan Stanley Interview Experience for Internship | Off-Campus 2021

I applied for the Morgan Stanley Technology Analyst Programme 2021 off-campus.

The selection process was as follows

Round 1: This was an online coding round. There were 3 sections. Section 1 was MCQs related to aptitude. Section 2 consisted of wrong codes that had to be corrected and run. Section 3 had 3 coding questions related to priority queue, graphs and array implementation.

Round 2: This was an interview round. The interview was on Zoom. I was asked to explain heaps and write the code for heapify() function. The second coding question was to detect 2 nodes in a BST that were in the wrong position and swap them. I was asked to design Google Play Store as part of a system design question. He also asked me to describe an android game using OOP concepts. In the end, he asked me about the types of memory used in a C program.

Round 3: This was a Tech+HR round. The interview was on Zoom. He asked me to tell him about myself. A lot of questions were asked related to a project on my resume, related to technical problems, and teamwork. Then I was asked which algorithm would be used to sort a very big text file efficiently if there is very little extra memory available and its complexity. The answer was Merge sort. The second question was to find the shortest path from a given graph having a starting and ending position and its complexity. In the end, I was asked one problem about my college which I find ethically wrong and how I can fix it.

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