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JM Financials Interview Experience for Mobile Full Stack Internship (On-Campus)

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So, JM Financial visited our campus for 3 roles (i.e. Web Full Stack, Data Science, and Mobile Full Stack Developer) for Summer’24 internships. JM Financial typically don’t ask DSA questions in their test and interviews. They mainly focus on the development skills of an individual.
I applied for the Mobile Full Stack role.
PROCESS: Test -> Interview Round 1 -> Interview Round 2 -> HR Interview Round 3

TEST: JMF’s test had 2 sections, one had two simple and easy dsa problems (one was stock buy and sell), and the other section had questions from Java, OOPs, Flutter, Reach Native, and SQL.

Interview Round 1: Among around 200 candidates, 4 of us were shortlisted for the interviews.
Round 1 was pretty smooth, basic questions about your projects, and previous internships were asked.
I was asked questions about the Flutter Framework.
What is Flutter?
Why flutter?

What are Widgets in Flutter?
What is Container in Flutter?
and then there was a question that ->
If you do an API call and you get some data, how would you bind that data to display it?
I have asked for more details, but interview refused to elaborate. Then I considered two cases (if the data is a stream or a static data) and managed to answer it.

Apart from these technical questions there was a question that what made you choose Mobile Development?

Interview Round 2: Among these 4 candidates, two of us was called for the next round.
In this round, more detailed questions about the tech-stacks (that i had mentioned in my resume) was asked.

How we store data locally in mobile?

What is Google Cloud Console APIs?

Which Firebase Services have you used?

Describe various Firebase Services like Cloud Storage, Realtime Storage, Analytics, Notification service.

What is Local Notification?

What is Dynamic links? Have you worked on it? (coz I’ve mentioned in my resume)

What is CI/CD? (mentioned in resume)

I was also asked to list down some packages about all the above services.

HR Interview: After 2 rounds, I was called for 3rd and final round. The interviewer made it very short and simple.
He asked me ->

what motivates you?

Why to join JM financial?

And I guess he had some check-list of YES/NO questions like –

Do you have any medical condition that we should be aware of?

Do you trade? …

After that he asked me whether I have any questions. I asked, “What it’s like to work in JMF?”.
Then he told me about the organization and work culture at JMF.
After that we shared a goodbye and I waited for the result.

Verdict: Selected

Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2023
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