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JavaScript BOM Location object

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The Browser Object Model(BOM) provides the properties and methods for JavaScript to interact with the browser. BOM allows performing actions to manipulate the browser window through BOM objects without affecting the contents of the page i.e. the document. BOM objects are global objects. The BOM objects used to manipulate the browser window that is:

  • location
  • history
  • navigator
  • screen
  • document

These objects are children of the window object. The window object represents the browser window. So, they can be used either with the prefix: window.object_name or without using the prefix object_name

  • location.href returns the URL of the web page currently loaded in the browser window. 


console.log("URL of the web page " + location.href)
  • location.hostname returns the domain name of the current host (excluding the port number). 


console.log("Domain name of current host page is " + location.hostname)
  • location.protocol returns the web protocol being used by the current web page (http:, file: or https:) 


console.log("Protocol used by the current page is " + location.protocol)
  • location.assign returns a new web page loaded in the window, when the complete address is specified. 


  • location.reload reloads the current page. Its function is the same as that of reload button in the browser window. 



Example: This example uses location.href property of the location object. 


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <p id="a"></p>
            = " URL of the currently loaded page is "
            + location.href;



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Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2023
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