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ISRO CSE Syllabus for Scientist/Engineer Exam 2018

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There is no pre-defined syllabus for the ISRO for Scientist/Engineer 2018 exam. Although, we can infer that Syllabus is similar pattern as GATE CS Syllabus and based on the curriculum taught in graduation. According to previous year question paper’s analysis, they will ask from given Subjects:

  1. Engineering Mathematics
  2. Algorithms
  3. Programming and Data Structures
  4. Operating System
  5. Database
  6. Computer Organization
  7. Computer Network
  8. Theory of Computation
  9. Compiler Design
  10. Digital Logic
  11. Software Engineering & Web Technology
  12. Microprocessor
  13. Image Processing

These are useful links:

  1. ISRO original papers and official Keys

  2. ISRO Previous Year Solved Papers

  3. Topic-wise Notes

  4. Last Minute Notes

  5. Articles on Computer Science Subjects

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Last Updated : 28 Jan, 2019
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