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Intuit Interview | Set 1 (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2014
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Intuit had come on campus last week for SDE-1 and Quality Engineer profiles. These were the questions asked:

Round One (Written round, 60 minutes):

1. Given an unsorted linked list, remove all duplicates without using temporary buffers.

2. A number starting from 1 can be got by either multiplying 3 or adding 5 to it. Given a number, find the sequence of operations to get it or say it’s not possible.
e.g: 13 is 1 * 3 + 5 + 5 but 15 you cannot get.

3. Given a tree, get the path from root to leaf such that the sum of nodes in the path is maximum.

4. There are 50 people in a bank. Each person is either an employee or a customer. Each person knows what everyone else is. The police can ask person i what person j is. Customers will always tell the truth. Employees are evil geniuses who may not tell the truth. The police have to find at least one customer asking a maximum of 49 questions. More than half the people are customers.

Round Two (Group activity, 60 minutes):
The selected students were divided into groups of 5 to 6 and were asked to design a system to
“How does a student achieve academic excellence”
All ideas were jotted into a chart and we were asked to present it after 45 minutes of brainstorming.

No elimination in this round.

Round Three (Technical interview, 45 minutes):
1. What’s the angle between the hours’ hand and the minutes’ hand when the time is 3.15

2. How many times does the minutes’ hand cross the hours’ hand during one day?

3. Given an array which can contain either 0s or 1s, write an algorithm to find the length of the longest subarray of all 1s and all 0s.

Round Four (Technical interview, 60 minutes):
1. Design an e-commerce system for me using block diagrams and architecture diagrams. What components will you use and why? What does each component do?

2. Write an algorithm to delete an element from a circularly linked list. Optimize it. Implement it in Java.

3. Give me an example of a machine learning algorithm which you will use for giving suggestions on a e-commerce website.

Round Five (Technical / HR, 60 minutes):
1. Why do you want to join Intuit?
2. What will you do if a conflict arises in your team?
3. What were the major challenges you faced before?
4. Design a database schema for an Android app which calculates your GPA and stores it in a SQL database.

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