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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 42 ( 2 Years Experienced )

Last Updated : 14 May, 2017
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Oracle 2 years Experienced Hyderabad location. There were 3 tech round and 1 director round.

Round 1
1: If there is sudden cut off in power and you have to save the clients important data from a web browser, so that it can be recovered , how would you do that?
2: Difference between Object,Class,Reference with example.
3: what is singleton class design your own.
4: You have records of employee name and salary.You have to sort the records on the basis of employee salary,if same then by employee name.

Round 2
1: You have three types of details distance between two cities ,road condition between two cities and traffic details between two cities. Priority of traffic>distance>road condition.
You will be given source and destination, write a code to find the best path.
2: you have 2 methods isDirectory and isFile,code to count total number of files.
Then count size of top 10 files, then is it possible to find top 10 files without scanning all the directories.

Round 3
1: Project Discussion.
2: Convert sorted array to balanced binary search tree.
3: Given array of characters shuffle it so that no similar character are beside to each other.
4: 25 horses puzzle.

Round 4
1: why you are switching your current job?
2: Why Oracle?
3: State any two unique ideas on which we can build a mobile app.
4: CTC discussion.

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