Oracle Interview Experience | Set 44 (For 4.5 Years Experienced)

Round 1:
– Group anagrams from list of strings
– Right view of binary tree

Round 2:
– Given Binary tree. Find whether its BST
– Singleton & Observer design patterns
– Sorted array to balanced BST
– Get frequency count of elements of sorted array
– Sort strings by length

Round 3:
– Print LinkedList elements in reverse order
– Log file is given with some function start and ending statements. Determine whether its valid log file i.e. all statements properly logged or not ?
– XML file validation
– Managerial Questions

Round 4:
– Questions on Threads, HashMap, etc
– find a number between 1 and 100, that generates longest series using following rules:
if n is odd, next n = 3n + 1
if n is even, next n = n/2
if n == 1, terminate

Round 5:
– Managerial questions

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