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Intellect Design Arena Interview Experience for Associate Consultant (On-Campus) Online-2022

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  • Last Updated : 13 Jul, 2022
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A good laugh makes any interview, or any conversation, so much better”

-Barbara Walters

Firstly Good Luck to the person reading this for your upcoming interview. I am sharing my personal interview experience with Intellect Design Arena in which I got placed. The recruitment was for the role of associate consultant. Hope you will find this useful.

I registered to attend the interview through the campus placement process.

The interview consisted of three rounds.

  1. MCQ
  2. Coding
  3. Technical & HR Round

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole process went online.

Round 1 (MCQ)

  • The Online assessment had MCQs.
  • The MCQ section was split into aptitude and technical questions.
  • The quantitative and logical questions were easy to attend to. Pen and paper were allowed to solve the questions. The questions were tricky and will be easy to clear if you had prepared them before the interview.

Suggestion: I would suggest you prepare quantitative and logical aptitude questions whenever you get time. There are many sources available for free online to prepare.

  • The technical questions were mostly based on Java and OOPS concepts. Questions were also from SQL and web development. Questions consisted of basic questions on OOPS, SQL, HTML, and CSS and also core and advanced Java topics.

Suggestion: Have a good knowledge of basic technical stuff. It is enough to have good knowledge of your college courses.

Tips: Keep your mind relaxed while attempting the questions. Try to answer all the questions as there will be no negative marking and have a look at the time left, don’t spend too much time on one question.

Round 2 (Coding)

  • Candidates who cleared round 1 of the recruitment process entered round 2.
  • Round 2 was a coding round, which took place online.
  • The coding problems were based on Java and OOPS concepts.

Tips: Practice makes anyone perfect. Practice coding online. Again there are so many platforms available online with sample questions and answers. Practice mastering your coding skill.

Round 3 (Technical and HR interview)

  • Candidates who cleared the 2nd round moved to the final round.
  • The interview occurred on google meet. There were two interviewers present.
  • The interview started with telling about yourself which has been like the mandatory question for an interview.
  • First there were technical questions mostly on Java and OOPS concepts. I was asked to share my screen and type 5 problems on notepad as an example for oops concepts like Encapsulation, Inheritance, etc.
  • After the technical questions. There were basic HR questions like willingness to relocate, How well I know about the company, Why intellect design arena, and also about design thinking.

Tips :

  • Do some research about the company and make your answers live and natural when asked about yourself. Don’t panic just have a relaxed interaction.
  • These were the three rounds in the interview. After 2 weeks I got my result that I cleared the final round. I would say practice and preparation can help you crack any interview.
  • The role I got placed was for Associate Consultant in Grade T120a.
  • Hope my experience is helpful for you. All the best at your for your coming interviews. Practice and stay consistent!
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