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Inmobi Interview Experience | Set 4
  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2015

Round 1:
Discussed about projects
Find two elements in BST such that their sum is k
Given an array, find minimum positive integer missing in O(n) time

Round 2:
Write a program for binary search. Discussed if any memory overflow problems occurs and how to resolve them. Left shift an unordered array by k times in O(n) time.

Round 3:
An island is represented in an 2d array of size mxn. If robot moves out of island it gets destroyed and robot is allowed to move top, down, left, right. Given a robot position (x, y) and k steps, what is the probability of robot getting survived in the effort of making k steps.

Given a subroutine which can be called in the flow of multi threaded web application. Track the number of times this subroutine is called without using synchronized keyword.

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