InMobi Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

InMobi visited our campus twice, once for the written round, then for the personal interviews of the shortlisted candidates.

So here is the written + PI experience of mine for InMobi.


Written Round :

Time : 1:30 hours.
25 MCQ’s, coding questions.

MCQ’s were easy, coding questions –

1) Kth Optimal path in a matrix.

2) Given a string, evaluate it and return the integer answer.

Eg. Input : “1+2+3*(4+5)*9+4-5*2”
     Output : 240



First round of Personal Interview

* Tell me about yourself
* Tell about the projects done
* Find the first repeating element in an array of integers.
* Discussion on 8-Queen’s problem
* Find if there is a triplet in a Balanced BST that adds to zero.


Second Round of Personal Interview

* General discussion on BigData, as I have worked on Hadoop.
* Add 3 linked lists.
* Serialize and Deserialize a Binary Tree


Third Round of Personal Interview

* Wildcard Matching
* Some bhaukaal question on graph.
* Discussion about Trie data structure, T9 dictionary.


Finally HR Round

General HR questions like-
* Tell me about yourself
* What you learned during your summer internship
* 3 strengths and 3 weakness ( Very tricky Question )
* What do you know about InMobi
* Why InMobi
* Plan for further studies
Then the HR started telling me about the company, it’s policies, etc.


I follow GeeksforGeeks religiously and it helped me a lot! Hope this experience helps you too 🙂

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