InfyTQ 2019

It is a certification exam organized by Infosys. Candidate has to score a minimum of 65% to get the certificate. And candidates who scored more than 65% were eligible for on the spot interview for the role of System Engineer. Furthermore, rounds will be conducted for Power Programmer profile(8 LPA).


Round 1: 

It was an online round consisting of 20 MCQs and 2 Hands-on questions(coding). MCQs were based on the database, Python, OOPS. And Hands-on questions were quite easy but the coding has to be done in Python 3.

Ques 1: Given a string, find the longest length of a prefix which is also a suffix.


Ques 2: Given a string of brackets (, ), {, }, [, ], find the position in the string where the orders of brackets breaks.

I/p: ())

O/p: 3


I/p: (){[]}(

O/p: 8


Candidates who scored more than 65% were shortlisted for round 2.

Round 2: 

This was an HR round. Basic HR questions were asked like why do you want to join Infosys? What are your hobbies? Situation-conflict question etc.

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