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Infosys SDE Sheet: Interview Questions and Answers

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A multinational information technology company based in India, Infosys Limited offers business consulting, IT, and outsourcing services. Founded in Pune and headquartered in Bangalore, Infosys is India’s second-largest IT company. Many students dream work at Infosys. This sheet will assist you to land a job at Infosys, we have compiled all the interview questions and answers.

Infosys SDE Sheet


Following are the ways Infosys hires On Campus Drives Off Campus Drives Competition like HackwithInfy, Infytq these are the most common jobs Infosys hires for System Engineer Specialist Programmer Digital Specialist Engineer Candidates who are eligible for Infosys recruitment process will go through the following three rounds:

  1. Online Assessment Test: It is divided into some sections with time limits and cutoffs for each. It involves questions to test your reasoning, mathematical and verbal ability, pseudocode, and puzzle-solving skills.
  2. Technical Interview: Generally, technical interview questions are based on your resume. Your field of specialization, projects you’ve worked on, obstacles you’ve faced, and how you overcame them. and generally asked about computer science concepts (like Data structures , Operating systems, Computer networks, DBMS, OOPS ) During this round, your problem-solving skills will also be tested. If you have done internships so be ready to answer the questions revolving around your internships and the role you played in them and what you did.
  3. HR Round: If you pass the technical interview, you will be invited to the HR interview round. In this meeting, topics such as notice periods, salaries, designations, locations, shift timings, etc. are likely to be discussed. and You could also be asked common questions like your background, education, hobbies, and even your view of life. And strengths, weaknesses, etc.

Infosys Syllabus


Why this sheet?

If you are preparing for the Infosys interview, this sheet is just for you. It is a collection of almost all coding interview questions asked historically in Infosys. Questions and answers in this sheet are grouped difficulty-wise with the practice link, and cover all major DSA topics like an array, string, graph, tree, LinkedList, etc.

Infosys InfyTQ: Infosys came up with the Infosys InfyTQ certification Exam (or generally termed as InfyTQ). Now, you must be curious to know what is InfyTQ Exam! InfyTQ is a certification examination that examines your industry readiness by analyzing your knowledge of programming and databases. The best part about InfyTQ is that upon clearing the examination, you get an opportunity to be interviewed directly for a job at Infosys.

Infosys HackWithInfy: HackWithInfy is a competitive coding competition for second-year to pre-final year students across India. In this competition, participants have to solve coding questions in a given time and top performers get a chance to interview Infosys.

Aptitude Ability: Hence, aptitude is no such thing to be afraid of during the placement process but yes it should be paid attention to because it is the screening test and if you don’t get through this then you will be out of the placement process. So here we have 6 sets to practice your aptitude skills.

Verbal Ability:To check your proficiency on English, they will check your grammar knowledge, for we prepared a set of 70 Questions that you can go through.

PseudoCode: A Pseudocode is defined as a step-by-step description of an algorithm. Pseudocode does not use any programming language in its representation instead it uses simple English language text as it is intended for human understanding rather than machine reading.

We have pre

Computer Subjects:

  • Database & Management System: A database is a collection of inter-related data which helps in the efficient retrieval, insertion, and deletion of data from the database and organizes the data in the form of tables, views, schemas, reports, etc.
  • Computer Networks: An interconnection of multiple devices, also known as hosts, that are connected using multiple paths for the purpose of sending/receiving data or media.
  • OOPS Concepts: As the name suggests, Object-Oriented Programming or OOPs refers to languages that use objects in programming. Object-oriented programming aims to implement real-world entities like inheritance, hiding, polymorphism, etc in programming

DataStructure & Algorithms:

  • A data structure is a group of data elements that provides the easiest way to store and perform different actions on the data of the computer. A data structure is a particular way of organizing data in a computer so that it can be used effectively. The idea is to reduce the space and time complexities of different tasks.
  • The word Algorithm means ” A set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations ” Or ” A procedure for solving a mathematical problem in a finite number of steps that frequently by recursive operations “.

You will require DSA to crack the coding rounds of Infosys, here we collected the most asked coding problems in Infosys Interview, all the problems are categorized into three parts, Easy, Medium and Hard as follows.

Easy Coding Problems

Minimum number whose binary form is not a subsequence of given binary stringSolve
How to quickly swap two arrays of same size in C++?Solve
C function to Swap stringsSolve
Conversion of whole String to uppercase or lowercase using STL in C++Solve
Count the number of unique characters in a given StringSolve
Sort string of charactersSolve
Program for addition of two matricesSolve
Program for subtraction of matricesSolve
Program to multiply two matricesSolve
Efficiently compute sums of diagonals of a matrixSolve
Program for factorial of a numberSolve
Program to check the number is Palindrome or notSolve
Binary SearchSolve
Next PermutationSolve
Program for Armstrong NumbersSolve
Area of Rectangle, Right Angled Triangle and CircleSolve
Find all angles of a given triangleSolve
Missing characters to make a string PangramSolve
Program to check if two given matrices are identicalSolve
Convert from any base to decimalSolve
Celsius to Fahrenheit ConversionSolve
Print 1 to n without using loopsSolve
Middle of ThreeSolve
Binary representationSolve
Odd or EvenSolve
Greatest of three numbersSolve
Number Of Open DoorsSolve
Maximum Possible Sum of ProductsSolve
Check if given four points form a squareSolve
Overlapping rectanglesSolve
Sum of all prime numbers between 1 and N.Solve
Check if a number is power of another numberSolve
Common DivisorsSolve
Perfect NumberSolve
Parallel or Perpendicular?Solve
Sum PalindromeSolve
XOR playSolve
Triangle shrinking downwardsSolve
Pattern of StringsSolve
Y shaped patternSolve
Display longest nameSolve
Remove common characters and concatenateSolve
Check if string is rotated by two placesSolve
Check if date is validSolve
The Lazy Caterer’s ProblemSolve
Program to print Sum Triangle for a given arraySolve
Remainder EvaluationSolve
Party of CouplesSolve
Form largest number from digitsSolve
Print the left elementSolve
Tidy NumberSolve

Medium Coding Problems

Minimum number of jumpsSolve
Minimize the Heights IISolve
Minimum PlatformsSolve
Max length chainSolve
Fractional KnapsackSolve
Job Sequencing ProblemSolve
Ishaan Loves ChocolatesSolve
Minimum Cost PathSolve
Majority ElementSolve
Stock buy and sellSolve
Largest Number formed from an ArraySolve

Hard Coding Problems

0 – 1 Knapsack ProblemSolve
Partition Equal Subset SumSolve
Wildcard Pattern MatchingSolve
Form a palindromeSolve
Matrix Chain MultiplicationSolve
Count Smaller elementsSolve
Minimum number of deletions.Solve
Probability of KnightSolve
Longest Common SubstringSolve
Max rectangleSolve
Longest Palindromic SubstringSolve
Find all distinct subset (or subsequence) sumsSolve
Find all possible palindromic partitions of a StringSolve


Puzzles are one of the ways to check your problem-solving skills. These are tricky questions that let you think logically. Try to solve these 20 most popular puzzles asked in Interviews

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Last Updated : 11 Apr, 2023
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