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Infosys InfyTQ DSE Interview Experience 2023

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Infosys holds it’s InfyTQ certification exam for 3rd students every year. I cleared the certification round, it had 20 MCQs and 2 coding problems of easy-medium difficulty. I was able to solve 1.5. Then I had my advantage round next month parallel with hackwithinfy.

It had 3 coding problems with medium to high difficulty, I was able to solve 1.6 and received a PPI for DSE – Digital Specialist Engineer.

My interview was scheduled for the 12th of May on the Microsoft teams

So the interview went like this:

There was only one interviewer. So I was already chilled out with that fact and my nerves settled down.

  1. An intro about me
  2. How good are you at algorithms? – I said Moderate(he said this because he looked at my resume it was CP oriented)
  3. Asked me to share my screen and gave me the liberty to use my own compiler, I was very happy to use my Sublime text.
  4. Wrote Merge Sort, Reverse string, reverse a number. Made some mistakes in mergesort but was able to rectify them quickly. I have a 120 WPM typing speed so that’s y he asked me 3, if it was someone else, it would be 1 or at max 2.
  5. Diff between truncate and drop
  6. Diff between primary and unique key
  7. How inheritance happens
  8. Diff between HAVING and WHERE
  9. He asked me if I could code Thread in C++, I said no
  10. IP and Domain
  11. Normalisation
  12. 3NF and BCNF diff
  13. We are done any questions for me, asked about blockchain division in Infosys as I was keenly interested

Overall experience, about the coding part I am satisfied even though made mistakes in variable names and stuff but fine that I wrote working code.
Theory all questions answered
I’m satisfied with the way it went.
No questions regarding my internships and projects were asked and the interview went for 30-35 minutes 

Result – Pending

Last Updated : 13 May, 2022
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