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Infosys Interview Experience for DSE

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I have attended HackWithInfy 2020 contest and undergone the interview of Power Programmer. Here are my detailed interview experience and how many questions I have solved to get into interview.

Contest Levels:

Level 1: Beginner Level

Level 2: Intermediate Level

Level 3 or Final: Advanced Level

How much I have solved??

Level 1: 4 Questions were asked I have solved one question fully and one question partially.

Fortunately, I made into level 2 that is intermediate level.

Level 2: 4 Questions were asked I have solved two questions fully and 1 question partially.

Unfortunately, I could not make it into Level 3 but I heard happy news from Infosys that I have secured less than 100th rank in the Level 2 Contest so that I have been shortlisted for Power Programmer Pre-placement interview.

There were two levels of Technical Interviews

Technical Interview 1:

  • Self Introduction.
  • Given a coding question to solve
  • Asked me to explain my projects in-depth with the technology I used and asked me to tell me the overview of technology I used.
  • Asked few questions from DBMS.
  • Asked me What is OOPS and told me to explain all the concepts in OOPS.
  • Any Questions for the interviewer.

Technical Interview 2:

  • Senior Manager took the interview and told me to introduce me in crisp way.
  • This round of interview went fully related to my projects and skillset I used in the project.
  • Drilled down to indepth of the project and told me explain it from the scratch.
  • Any questions for the interviewer.

Veridict: Selected for Digital Specialist Engineer role but I was interviewed for Power Programmer role.

Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021
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