Infosys Hackwithinfy Interview Experience for SES 2021

I applied through Infytq site with hackwithinfy 

Round 1: This round held on 29th March 2020, In round 1 there were three questions means easy, medium, and high level, In this round I was able to solve only one question.

Round 2: This round held on 31st May, round 2 patterns were the same as round 1 but the level of questions was higher than the first round. I was able to solve two questions out of three and I cleared 2nd round, now I was able to sit in the interview.

Interview: Interview held after a long time because of covid-19, I got mail on 26th October  I would have an interview on 31st October.

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself?

Me: Answered

Interviewer: Write a program to find the root value of any number up to two decimal places?

Me: Answered 

Interviewer: Show me your project?

Me: I have developed one web application, so I explained it live.

Interviewer: Make an Architecture diagram of your project?

Me: I could not understand  at that moment 

Interviewer: In which technical strength you are comfortable?


Interviewer: What is join?

Me: When we have to fetch a combined record from more than one table then we use the join keyword.

Interviewer: Write a query for left join?

Me: Answered

Interviewer: Do you know oops concepts?

Me: Yes sir

Interviewer: Tell me any three oops concepts?

Me: I explained Inheritance, Abstraction, and Encapsulation.

Interviewer: I am done, If you have any query then you can ask me?

Me: How much time I will have to join if I selected?

Interviewer: After completion of B. tech

Me: Thank you, sir.

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My name is Anuj Pratap Yadav, I am from Tikamgarh Madhya Pradesh , Currently I am pursuing B Tech in Information Technology, from Bansal Institute of Science and Technology , Bhopal I have done my 10th and 12th class with 88 and 82 percent marks respectively from state board

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