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Infosys Hackwithinfy Interview Experience for Power Programmer 2021

Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2021
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Hackwithinfy is the known way to get a pre-placement offer from Infosys. This year hackwithinfy had only 1 online coding round.

Round 1(Online Coding): There were 3 coding questions with different difficulty levels and therefore different weightages.

  • So in 3 questions 1 was easy,1 medium,1 difficult. 
  • Depending on how many and which questions you solved ,students were given pre-placement interview(ppi) opportunities for Digital specialist role and Power programmer role. I could in total solve 2.10 out of 3 questions and got and ppi for power programmer role.
  • I received a mail from Infosys for interview 5 days before the scheduled day.

Round 2(Technical Interview): It was on 7th July,2021. The interview was on Cisco Webex. It started with a basic greeting and introduction. He told about what a power programmer profile demands and that we have to deal with clients directly without reporting to anyone. In the beginning, he specified that this interview will be divided into two parts i.e. technical questions+ coding and he said he will be asking me to solve coding questions. Having said this he directly put a question in the chatbox.

Question was:

  1. There were a list of companies and their invoices(invoice ranges) for particular year. We had to find the missing invoices for that range, for every company. Its approach should be very similar to:
    TCS  2017    101 105
    TCS  2016  108 110
    INFOSYS 2017  101 104
    INFOSYS 2016 108 109


    TCS missing invoices are 106,107
    INFOSYS missing invoices are 105,106,107

    It took around 20-25 mins to code the solution. But he expected me to solve it with some other approach.

    Next he directly started with technical questions.

Questions asked were:

  • Do you know about JVM?      
  • When do we use protected access specifier in Java.     
  • What is a package in java.   
  • What is time complexity of selection sort?  
  • Explain merge sort.       
  • What is hashing and its types.    
  • What is indexing.   
  • Difference between B and B+ trees.    
  • What is semaphore.   
  • What is factory design pattern.   
  • Then he talked about some java frameworks of which i didnt know any so i told him that i am not that good in java since i code in python and its my base language.
  • After all this he started talking of importance of java for some time.And suggested to get some involvement with new technologies like react etc.
  • At end he asked if I had any question.

This all was for 1 hour 10 mins. I got an Interview result from Infosys on 9 August that I was offered a role for Digital Specialist Engineer.

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