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Soliton Technologies Interview Experience for Software Developer (On-Campus) 2023

Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2023
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Platform: Examly

Eligibility criterion:

  • Should have scored above 75% (10th, 12th & UG)
  • No current arrears

There were a total of 7 rounds:

  1. Online Test
  2. Aptitude Test
  3. Programming Round 1
  4. Programming Round 2
  5. Technical & General HR Round
  6. Design Round
  7. Essay Writing

Round 1 (Online Test – 1 Hour)

The Online test had two sections: MCQs and coding,

There were total 10 MCQ questions that were related to physics and maths.

There were 3 coding questions and the language was limited to C. The questions were easy-moderate level, and the time was limited.

Coding questions:

  • Whether a number is Palindrome or not?
  • Given two strings, how many times A must be repeated so that B is a substring of it?

  • Count of Leading zeroes in binary of a number.

Round 2 (Aptitude test – 1 Hour)

This round had 3 sections:

  • Section 1 (Fill in the blanks): Technical Questions were based on physics(be strong in your 12th physics).
  • Section 2 (Fill in the blanks): Technical Questions were based on maths.
  • Section 3 (Fill in the blanks): It had 2-3 questions based on algorithm tracing and 1 recursion tracing.

Round 3 (Programming Round 1 – 1 Hour)

It had 3 coding questions and the language was limited to C.

  • Given a number, find the largest number that can be formed out of it.

  • Given numbers, we have to convert those into different formats according to the currency system in India, German,and ig US. ( formats were given for each system)

Similar to :

  • Given two numbers,add the binary of the two numbers, without converting to decimal.

Round 4 (Programming Round 2)

This round was for 3 hours and we had 2 coding questions which we were supposed to code only in C.

In this round, I was asked to explain the logic first, before coding. Once they are satisfied with our logic, they’ll ask you to code.

  • This is a graph question where given n which is followed by n lines of two words (two names), where name 1 is a friend of name2, and n+1th line is the query.
Alice Bob
Bob Charlie
Charlie Smith
Alice Smith
Smith Ben
Ben Charlie

We have to find out whether Ben and Charlie and friends.

  • The next question was to implement FLAMES.

Given two names, strike the common letters out of it, and try to implement FLAMES and find out the relationship.

Round 5 (Technical & general HR Round)

  • Brief Introduction
  • The interviewer asked questions about my projects.
  • Asked to implement insertion sort.
  • Asked questions from OS fundamentals, about OS, how it works, what is a kernel, explain memory management in OS, etc

Round 6: Design Round

To design a system that would have prevented the 2023 Odisha train collision.

Round 7: Essay Writing

In this round, they asked to write about “What do you know about the company and what will you do if you join the company?”

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