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Hyperloop Technology

Last Updated : 02 Oct, 2022
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Hyperloop is an advanced technology which is been made for transportation purpose and in order to move any consignment to various places. Its working model and full explanation was given by a joint team from Tesla and SpaceX. Both these company have same owner only that ids Mr Elon Musk. So basically a hyperloop structure is one which is fully packed which is having a minimum air pressure(act like a tunnel)in which that tube travels easily which is free of fiction. Hyperloop can transfer people and other things easily and by way it is an energy efficient method also. This would drastically reduce travel times versus trains as well as planes over distances of under approximately 1, 500 kilometers (950 miles). 

When it was Introduced? 
Elon Musk first mentioned Hyperloop in year 2012. At beginning of project that he will use pressure tubes which will there in capsule like structure which will be driven. 

Hyperloop concept was first published in year August 2013, in which route from Los Angeles to San Francisco was decided for trial run roughly following Interstate 5 corridors. At certain times many experts said that this project would be over budget mean to say it will cost much money taking into consideration construction, development, and operational costs etc. 

Initial Design (INIDA): 
Hyperloop technologies are in process to sign a formal agreement with Government of India for route which is been proposed between Chennai and Bangalore. If every thing happens as per schedule so distance which is of around 250-300 kilometer will reduced to just thirty minutes. 

Hyperloop tech also signed an agreement with Andhra Pradesh government to build India’s first Hyperloop project connecting places of Andhra Pradesh that is Amaravati to Vijayawada in a 6-minute easy ride only. 

In India the Govt of Maharashtra signed agreement with company in order to build hyperloop system between 2 big cities of Maharashtra that is Mumbai and Pune. Due to this technology time will be reduced and I guess it will be much efficient to use that.

Indore-based Dinclix GroundWorks’ DGWHyperloop proposed a Hyperloop corridor between Mumbai and Delhi, via Indore, Kota, and Jaipur cities. 

Hyperloop Companies: 
I guess year 2016 or to be more precise August 2016 was fantastic for Hyperloop organization as it cracked a major deal with one of largest port developer company called DP world. Testing process is at full pace. They are building system which will help to offload consignment that’s coming daily from ship. 

Hyperloop organization have decided that they will be having their operational Centre in Finland and other countries too. How can we use hyperloop One technology in Dubai which is very busy place so much research work and testing process is going on. Other research studies are going on in Russia, Los Angeles, and Netherlands.

On 12 May 2017, Hyperloop one performed its first full-scale test under proper conditions, becoming first company in world to test a full-scale Hyperloop. System is very much complex. It includes many machinery and parts like propulsion system, vacuum and control system for total control. 

It is been reported that around July 2017 hyperloop org have displayed first sample type which will be placed in the Nevada (USA).

People of Mumbai and Pune will be benefited much by this technology. 

List of Companies :

  • Virgin Hyperloop One.
  • TransPod.

All other hyperloop companies are also working hard. 

Political factors that effects on Hyperloop projects: 
Starting proposal projected that cost of hyperloop will be less than our daily railway system.. However, whether this would be truly beneficial or not that time will decide. Low profile would reduce tunnel drilling requirements and light weight of tube is estimated to reduce construction costs over normal passenger rail. Projected ticket price has been questioned by many people which in my opinion is correct too. 

Advantages of Hyperloop Technology :

  • In upcoming years due to this technology much time will be saved, and we can easily supply materials from one place to another. This will also improve supply chain management system in countries.
  • A significant reduction in cost will be there if everyone accepts technology instead of using bullet.
  • Significant reduction in energy consumption, and also reduction in pollution will be observed.

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