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DARQ – Technology Powerhouse of Future

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  • Last Updated : 27 Feb, 2020
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Have you ever heard of DARQ technologies or DARQ power? If yes, then probably you must be using this technology, and if not then you must learn and get experienced with these technologies, as these it will be the power of computing and the internet in the coming few years. In a way or the other, we all have heard of artificial intelligence, blockchain, extended reality, and quantum computing.

DARQ is roughly referred to as Distributed Ledger Technologies, which include technologies such as artificial intelligence (AR), blockchain, cryptocurrency, extended reality, and quantum computing. These technologies together in a bundle are called DARQ (Distributed Ledger Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, and Quantum computing). These technologies and their applications have grown very rapidly over the past few years and will be growing exponentially in the coming decade. As a technology enthusiast, one should know the impact these technologies can have on the world.

If one has to compare the scenario, DARQ is as powerful as the internet was in the early 1990s and 2000. Many companies and business owners back then, considered the internet not essential and underestimated it, considering it useless in business. But we have witnessed how, few companies who understood the impact the internet could make, used this force to expand their business, and now they are multi-billion-dollar companies. There are many technologies contained in DARQ, which are very powerful in understanding current problems and making our lives simpler.

1. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

DLT is a type of transactional technology, which lets consumers and businesses to transfer money as well as important details in a manner not previously possible. Most relevant examples include the cryptocurrency and blockchain. The source of truth/original data is a single point and with that people can easily transact money and convey important details without any fear of data breach or hacking. The data is not only conveyed safely but also is verified once reached the destination by the source, thus providing double layer protection of data.

Many companies, as well as government agencies, are using this technology to transfer important data between two links. For example, airlines use this technology to store and verify the details of their passengers, the data is also shared with the passengers. Although a lot of research and development is going on this field, this technology is surely going to rise in the coming decade, with more focus on privacy on data, many big social networking sites are set to implement this model into their system, to achieve privacy as well as prevent data breaching attacks.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is one of the leading technologies as of the current scenario and with advancements, AI is set to break records and make our lives more simple. Well, some of the common examples of artificial intelligence that we encounter in our day to day lives include ride-sharing apps like Uber, Ola and to some extent the Google’s search predictions. All these uses artificial intelligence combined with machine learning, which in some way or the other benefit us. Many businesses can process large amounts of data in very less and get streamline results and predictions about their market and growth.

Businesses and companies are automating tasks and thus reducing the human effort in machinery work, rather employees are being engaged in more productive works where human interaction is a must. The accuracy is increasing with each passing day and it is accurate as high as 95% in the current scenario. AI can be used extensively by many businesses/companies as well government to process large data, get accurate results and to some extent predict the outcomes.

3. Extended Reality

Extended Reality is extensively used in the entertainment industry and provides people to interact with the world in much simpler ways. Extended reality is derived from virtual and augmented reality. Many companies have been using Extended reality to provide value and new experiences to their clients and customers. The power of this technology has not been fully realized, due to the inability to provide everyone the internet and devices. Extended reality can create a fictional world, an idealized model for businesses to test their products and services before launching into the real world.

Employees/clients can also collaborate from separate locations in ways previously not possible, such as working on the design phase of new products. Government agencies can also benefit from this, rather than a conventional meeting, one can do these tasks from his/her home. With the widespread use of 4G and 5G(in near future), extended reality can be used to test almost everything, which is not possible in the real world. Many entertainment houses have already started using this technology, for creating a fictional world, where one could do whatever his desires are! Some of the examples include virtual clothing, where one can check which clothes suit better rather than physically wearing it.

4. Quantum Computing (QC)

Quantum computing is referred to as micro computing, as it is so powerful and dynamic that it will be able to solve all those problems which were earlier not possible to solve. The first Quantum computer was built in 1994 and then followed a series of advancements in this field. With more and more focus on dynamic and powerful computing researchers are now able to create computers, which will solve some of the most complex problems.

The main problem encountered here is the cost of quantum computers, which is very expensive. As a result, many companies are not able to use these powerful machines. But in this decade, quantum computing has been on the top list in the field of research. With such heavy research funding, where not only companies but also Governments are contributing funds, this field is set to rise and the cost will also be much cheaper. Quantum computing will enable and empower us in the field of science, as many complex problems till this date have been unsolved, which might be solved using Quantum computers.

DARQ technologies are so powerful and influential, that one should not underestimate the power of it. These technologies have much potential to change the way we think and find solutions to our problem, the way we do business or the way governments make decisions for the public. Using DARQ is certainly no harm to us, rather it will contribute significantly to making our lives simpler. DARQ is like the internet of the early 1990s and 2000s, ignoring its potential will lead to a huge downfall in our advancements and future technologies.

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