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Hybrid Apps vs Native Apps | Which one to choose?

Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2023
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Before going directly to the difference between the native and the hybrid mobile apps one should know that mobiles are really very personal Device and if one is designing an app it should match the perspective of both Android as well as the IOS users.

Native Apps

A native app is developed specially for a particular mobile operating system, for example, Java and Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS. These apps are developed under the mature ecosystem following the technical users and user guideline provided by the OS itself like the swipe gestures or alignments for the Android and iOS. They offer the fastest and the most reliable and responsive experience to the user. a native application can easily access and utilize the built-in capabilities of the user’s smartphone itself, for example, GPS, phonebook or the camera.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are similar to a website which is designed to appear as an app. They look and function like native apps, but ultimately, they are driven by the company’s website itself for example websites like Facebook or Netflix. Hybrid apps are built using the web language i.e. HTML, CSS and JavaScript, designed in such a way that it loads most of the information on the screen when the user navigates through the application.

Differences between Native and Hybrid apps

Native Apps Hybrid Apps
Development speed Slow Fast
Maintenance cost High Low
Graphical Performance Very High Moderate
Language Used Kotlin, java, Swift HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Code Portability Tough Easy

What to Choose?

If you are a company and you’re looking to get started with the app market and you are already dominant in the web like Facebook or Netflix and your content flows at a great amount then having a native app would be tough decision while hybrid app will suit you more on the other hand if you are just getting started for the mobile market then take some time do some research like where the maturity of the audience that you really want to hit is actually relying whether they are on Android or iOS if you are an individual and trying to learn the mobile application development and you posses a good web-based skills so go with the hybrid apps but keeping the salary point-of-view native app developers are actually a little bit higher and are on top of the hybrid app developer but again if you don’t want to switch for the mobile development market or mobile development skills surely go for hybrid apps.

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