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How to Merge/Hide One File into Another Using CMD in Windows?

Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2021
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In this article, we are going to see how to Merge/Hide one file into another using CMD. By using this we could be able to hide Important Data from another person, or we could be able to send the data securely to others. Mainly this is used in sending the Virus file to the Host PC, to make affect his computer without knowing the user. 

For hiding the Important File/Document we Just need to follow the Following Steps:

Step 1: Select the two Different / Similar Extensions of the file you want to merge.

Steps to Murge / Hide one file into another using CMD

2 Selected Files

Step 2: Select which file you want to show and which File to Hide.

Steps to Murge / Hide one file into another using CMD

S.txt File will be in Front 

Steps to Murge / Hide one file into another using CMD

H.docx File to be Hidden 

Step 3: Keep both the file into one folder because it is easy to Understand Which file to show and which to hide.

Step 4: Compress the file you want to hide by using Compressing Tools like WinRar. Or any other tool which is easily available.

Steps to Murge / Hide one file into another using CMD

Hidden File Need to Compress

Step 5: Open the Command Prompt or CMD by pressing window + R and type CMD on the Run Box and press Enter.

Steps to Murge / Hide one file into another using CMD

CMD Window

Step 6: Please Enter this Command into the CMD/Command Prompt, because these commands could be different in each and every PC/ Laptop. This Command will tell the location of the folder where it is placed in the Computer.

cd /d\users\Administrator\Desktop
Steps to Murge / Hide one file into another using CMD

 cd /d\users\”User Name”\Desktop

Mearge is the name of the Folder kept / Placed on the Desktop Screen of the Computer.

cd Mearge
Steps to Murge / Hide one file into another using CMD

cd “Folder Name”

The file available in the Folder

dir /w/a
Steps to Murge / Hide one file into another using CMD

this shows the Files available in that Folder

Copy the .txt file into the .zip file.

Copy /b S.txt +
Steps to Murge / Hide one file into another using CMD

Copy /b “Showing file Name” + “Hidden File Name”

Step 7: After all this Process you would not able to see any type of changes into the appear file but sometimes the size of the file might get Increased, or The text format of the task may also be changed automatically.

Steps to Murge / Hide one file into another using CMD

Before Merging the Word file into the Text file 

Steps to Murge / Hide one file into another using CMD

After Merging the Word file into the Text file Size Increase

Step 8: If you want to see the Hidden file you could use the Compress tools to view the Hidden File as Follows:

Opening the S.txt file in WinRar 

H.docx File is Hidden Inside that file

These are some common ways through which we could be able to merge 2 Different / Similar Extensions of Files. This can be used to send secure data from one place to another without catching it.

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