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How to make a basic Scatterplot using Python-Plotly?

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 08 Jun, 2020
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Plotly is a graphing library for making high quality interactive graphs and charts. It is an open source library used for data visualization . This library can be used with three programming languages namely Python, R and Javascript. Using Plotly is very easy and you can make any type of graph using this library.  It can generate Statistical charts, financial charts, Scientific charts, maps , 3D charts, subplots, etc.

But there are many other libraries like seaborn , matplotlib, bokeh available for data visualization. Then, why to choose Plotly?

Advantages of Plotly

  • It provides large number of functions to visualize any kind of data .
  • It is very simple, user friendly yet flexible.
  • It allows you to embed your interactive plots in your project using HTML.
  • Compatible with number of programming languages like ruby, python, javascript, matlab, etc.
  • Plotly also have Plotly Chart Studio where you can directly edit your plots without writing single line of code.

How to make a basic Scatterplot using Plotly and Python ?

Let’s start with making a very basic plot known as  Scatterplot. Scatterplot helps in finding the relationship between two variables . It tells us whether the two variables are positively related, negatively related or not related at all.



import plotly.offline as pyo
import plotly.graph_objs as go
import numpy as np
# creating random data through randomint
# function of numpy.random
random_x= np.random.randint(1,101,100)
random_y= np.random.randint(1,101,100)
# create variable data which holds the data
                 marker= dict(size= 12,
                               color= 'rgb(51,204,153)',
                               symbol= 'pentagon',
                               line= {'width':2}
                               ) )]
# create layout of scatter plot
layout=go.Layout(title='Random Scatter Plot',
                 xaxis= {'title':'X-AXIS'}  ,
                 yaxis= dict(title='Y-AXIS'),
                 hovermode= 'closest' )
# create figure variable to pass the
# data and Layout
fig= go.Figure(data=data , layout=layout)
# call plot function using plotly offline
pyo.plot(fig, filename='scatterplot-1.html')

Output :-

Note: Last line of code will generate a file named scatterplot-1.html . Then open this file in your web browser . You will see the same output there.

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