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How to Install Nipe tool in Kali Linux?

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Nipe is a program that uses the Tor network as the user’s default gateway, routing all traffic on the Tor network, which is often used to provide privacy and anonymity. It should be emphasized that hiding an IP address alone will not provide anonymity when using a tool for privacy and anonymity, as DNS information may still be exposed. Both IP and DNS information must be hidden.

Staying anonymous is a great way to protect yourself from all kinds of surveillance. However, we only have a few options because VPNs, especially free ones, are quite ineffective. We can be tracked because a free VPN maintains logs. We can just use the TOR network instead of the browser. Tor is quite difficult to track (close to practically impossible).

In this article, we will see about Nipe. This Perl script allows us to quickly route all of our traffic from our computers to the Tor network, allowing us to access the Internet without fear or intimidation.


Step 1: Open a terminal and navigate to the Desktop directory (or directory of your choice). Then, using the following command, we must clone this repository from GitHub:

cd nipe

Step 2: Then, using the following command, we must clone this repository from GitHub:

git clone

Enter the following command to go to the Nipe directory:

cd nipe

Step 3: Now we have to run the following command to install the libraries and dependencies:

When prompted to perform an automatic installation, press Enter:

sudo cpan install Try::Tiny Config::Simple JSON

Step 4: After that, we can use the following command to install Nipe dependencies or a Perl script:

Nipe must be run as root.

sudo perl install

The installation procedure will then begin. After installation, we received a notification that some services need to be restarted; At this point, we press the “Tab” button and select OK.

Finally, our installation process is complete.


To check the status of nipe, type the following command. And you will see that the current status is disabled.

sudo perl status
How to Install Nipe tool in Kali Linux?How to Install Nipe tool in Kali Linux?

Type the following command to start the Nipe service:

sudo perl start
How to Install Nipe tool in Kali Linux?How to Install Nipe tool in Kali Linux?

You will immediately receive a new anonymous IP address, which you can verify with the URL “”.

How to Install Nipe tool in Kali Linux?

When we’re finished, we may exit Tor and return to our original IP address by running the following command:

sudo perl stop

After running the above command, NIPE will be terminated, and we will be returned to our original IP address. We can also check the status.

If you want to restart the nip service, you can use the following command:

sudo perl restart


Through its own system, the Tor Project allows users to access the Internet, chat, and send instant messages anonymously. It is used by a wide range of individuals, businesses, and organizations for both legal and illegal reasons. Tor has been widely used by intelligence agencies, hacker organizations, criminal operations, and even by regular people concerned about their online privacy.

Nipe is a Perl engine that tries to make the Tor network your default network gateway. Knip can deliver traffic from your system to the Internet via the Tor network, allowing you to surf the Internet with a strong position on privacy and anonymity in cyberspace.

Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021
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