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How to Install Matplotlib on Anaconda?

Last Updated : 20 Mar, 2024
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Involvement in any Charts and Graphs is a bit common while you are working on concepts like Data Analysis, Machine Learning, etc in Python. Luckily, Python has the Anaconda Prompt Distribution that can be used to add multiple libraries with ease. One such important library is popularly known as the Matplotlib Python Library.

In this article, we will discuss the Python Matplotlib Library and Matplotlib installation on conda Environment on your device to access it easily.

Key Highlights:

  1. Anaconda is a free and open-source distribution for Python.
  2. Matplotlib is a Python Library used to express Mathematical Solutions.
  3. To Get Matplotlib on Python, Install the Anaconda beforehand.
  4. The Jupiter Notebook is used to install and work on Matplotlib.
  5. One simple command is used to get Matplotlib in Anaconda.

What is Matplotlib?

Matplotlib is a popular Python Library that is classified under the Mathematical Extension NumPy present in Python. Using the Matplotlib & Python Code, one can easily derive interactive, static, or animated graphs in any project. It has an Object-Oriented set of APIs that help to make graphs out of a set of points.

Features of Matplotlib:

  • Capable of Zoom or Pan the Graphs as per the need.
  • Can export the Output Graph into different formats.
  • You can Customize its style & layout plots.

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How to Install Matplotlib on Anaconda?

Step 1: Search for Anaconda on your Command Prompt. And go with the Anaconda Navigator Application.


Step 2: From the Dashboard, select the Jupyter Notebook option. Click on Launch.


Step 3: Create a new file by clicking on the New Dropdown Menu. Select the Python 3 option.


Step 4: Paste the following command. And click on the Run button. Wait till the process gets completed.

Command: !pip install matplotlib


Hence, we have completed Matplotlib installation on conda.

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Frequently Asked Questions to Install Matplotlib on Anaconda

How to install Matplotlib on Anaconda?

Install Matplotlib using Andconda with following steps:

  • Type Anaconda Navigator in search bar. open it
  • Now, Launch the Jupyter Notebook option.
  • Create a new file and select Python 3 from the dropdown options.
  • Now, run the following command and wait.
!pip install matplotlib

Matplotlib is now installed on Anaconda!

How to verify Matplotlib installation on conda?

The current matplotlib version is matplotlib 3.8.2. To verify if matplotlib is installed on conda, check Malplotlip current version using the following command in Anaconda Prompt .

import matplotlib

How to install Anaconda on Windows?

To install Anaconda on your Windows PC. Simple go to and download the latest version of Anaconda and Python. When downloaded start Anaconda installation process. Click here for detailed Anaconda installation steps

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