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How to Get a Software Developer Job Without Any Experience?

Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2020
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For college graduates and even for working professionals, to get a Software Developer job in IT giants with having zero experience in the particular domain is a big struggle. Indeed, companies give an edge to the candidates with specific experience over the inexperienced candidates as it becomes easier for the recruiters to assume that an experienced person would be proficient with the required skills and workflow. But wait… Do you know that you can get a job as a Software Developer without experience (in your dream company as well!!)? Yes, all you need to work hard on the relevant skills and follow a strategical roadmap.


Although, work experience whether it be an internship, full-time job, etc. matters in landing up a developer job but things like appropriate skillset, hard work, consistency, and various others always come first. There are a lot of people who despite having zero professional experience in the software development field get noticed by the tech giants and get hired as well as based on their skills and dedication. Here, in this article, we will let you know about all those approaches and skill enhancement that will surely help you to get a Software Developer job with no experience

1. Get Proficient with Programming Language

Needless to say, a Programming Language is a must required skill to become a Software Developer. Not a single company would like to entertain or hire a software developer who doesn’t know coding or programming! Hence, if you’re looking out to build your in career or to switch your career in the software development domain without any prior experience, you need to get proficient with at least one programming language. There are various popular and worthwhile programming languages such as Python, Java, Swift, etc. You can select one (or more) from these languages and can start to learn from basic to the advanced level. There are several platforms such as GeeksforGeeks, etc. available over the web where you can command over any programming languages and you can use various other resources like videos, books, webinars, etc. to make it more effective. 

2. Learn Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structure and Algorithms can be considered as the core of software development. Almost every big tech company like Google, Amazon, Uber, etc. assess and evaluate the candidate based on his understanding of Data structure and algorithm concepts. So, you are required to be more concerned about Data Structures and Algorithm to land up a well-paying software developer job. You can start to learn the Data Structures concepts from basic topics like Array, Queue, etc to the Advanced Data Structure concepts. You are strongly recommended to prefer GeeksforGeeks to learn Data Structure and Algorithms as there are numerous tutorials and online courses (both free and paid) available that cover almost every topic as per the industry requirements. Meanwhile, getting expertise in Data Structure and Algorithms will not only enhance your knowledge in the domain but you can get a few striking career opportunities even in the starting phase of your career. 

3. Build Projects

Regardless of your work experience, companies always expected from you to showcase your skills during recruitment – and here comes the role of projects! If you’re having a solid portfolio of projects built by you, you may get a preference over others ( even over experienced ones) for the job opportunity. Indeed, project development is crucial as you must know to implement all the knowledge you’ve gained about programming like programming languages, algorithms, databases, etc. and it not only validates your programming skills but also enhance your confidence level to succeed. Meanwhile, you can use platforms like Github, Bitbucket, etc to put your projects online and also, try to build a few quality projects instead of focusing on numbers. Additionally, reconsider your projects thoroughly before going out for interviews as you’ll be asked many questions regarding the same. 

4. Participate in Coding Challenges

Coding challenges and competition is one of the best ways to get exposure to computer programming and analyze your skills. And not only this, your participation and rankings in these programming contests can land you up a software developer job also in your dream company. There are various renowned coding challenges platforms such as HackerRank, TopCoder, CodeChef, etc. where you can participate in numerous contests regularly hold by them. These platforms award you with various badges and certifications that you can show to the interview panel to let them know about your skills. Moreover, you also develop the skills of critical thinking and logic building through these programming challenges that help you to become a proficient programmer which further can get you hired by the big IT companies. 

5. Reach Out to the Professionals

Last but not least, you are required to reach out to the professionals to get a worthwhile opportunity. Yes, despite having all the required skills, you can’t expect to get a job in your dream company while sitting idle at your home. You must need to connect with the industry people to get the green flag. You can directly email to the company’s officials, connect with them on networking platforms like LinkedIn, Meetup, etc. and visit the company’s website to look out for new opportunities as well. You need to understand that you have to take a step ahead to grab the opportunities to build a successful career. Moreover, you can attend various worthwhile events such as seminars, meetups, conferences, etc. to grow your professional network and make the most out of it with your career perspectives. 

These are the several major strategies that you need to follow to get a Software Developer Job without having experience. Although there are several additional tips also regarding the same that can be considered. 

  • Create an Effective Resume and Cover Letter.
  • Build a strong online presence.
  • Do Research about the target company.
  • Work on Soft Skills (Communication, Time Management, etc.) as well, etc.

Indeed, to get a Software Developer job that too without any experience is quite tough but not impossible. So, just follow the right path, work on your skills, and break into the field of software development!! 

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