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How To Create Spot Instance In Aws-Ec2 In Aws Latest Wizards?

Last Updated : 20 Sep, 2023
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Spot instances are available at up to 90% discount because when instances are not used then the instance available in spot instance at a cheaper rate so that people can utilize. it. When the demand increases then amazon sent a notification your spot instance will disappear after two minutes. We can use it for temporary work if our data losses it will not affect us. AWS always recommended not using spot instances for your important work.

Working With Spot Instances

First you need to raise a request to the AWS for the no.of instances required, type of instance and availability zone where you want instance to be configured. AWS approves and allocates the instance if there is any instance available with required configurations immediately or AWS will take some time till the your configurations are going to match.

Spot Instance Request States

Following are the states of spot instance:

  1. Pending evaluation: The request you raised for no.of instances is being evaluated by the AWS after completion of evaluation AWS will launch the desired instances.
  2. Pending fulfilment: The evaluation is completed and AWS will provision the instance at any time.
  3. Active: The request that you have raised was accepted and the instance started running.
  4. Closed: The instance has be cancelled or failed.
  5. Failed: The request which you have been raised is not accepted it was failed.
  6. Terminating: The instance which is running going to be terminated.
  7. Terminated: The spot instance has been terminated.

Specify a Tenancy For Your Spot Instances

You need to select the hardware on which the where your spot instance should run. The spot instance which you requested will be completely isolated from the other AWS instances.

Service-Linked Role For Spot Instance Requests

This is an unique role provided by the AWS itself especially for the AWS spot instance where on behalf of you AWS will already attach this tole to AWS spot instance instead of you maintain this role every thing will be taken care by AWS and also it will provides the required permissions to launch an AWS EC2 instance to this role.

AWS has name this role with an name called AWSServiceRoleForEC2Spot. it will manage spot instance instead of you from starting to ending.

Permissions Granted By AWSServiceRoleForEC2Spot

Following are the policies are attached to the AWSServiceRoleForEC2Spot

  1. EC2:DescribeInstances – Describe Spot Instances
  2. EC2:StopInstances – Stop Spot Instances
  3. EC2:StartInstances – Start Spot Instances

Types Of Purchasing Options Of Spot InstanceOn-Demand

  1. Dedicated Instance
  2. Dedicated Host
  3. Spot Instance
  4. Schedule Instance
  5. Reserved Instance

Reason to termination of Spot instance amazon EC2 capacity requirement in On-demand or Reserved instance another reason is you have chosen to set a max spot price and the price increases above your set limit price.

Find Running Spot Instances

Follow the steps mentioned below to find the running spot instance:

Step 1: Open the AWS console and go to the instance tab.

Step 2: Open the instance tab and go to the filter.

Step 3: Select the filter as an spot after that you can able to see the all the EC2 spot instances.

Another way to find running Spot Instances is to use the Amazon EC2 API. You can use the Describe Instances API to get a list of all of your instances.

Tag Spot Instance Requests

Tags will help you to arrange or keep an track of your resources. Follow the steps mentioned below to tag the Spot EC2 instance:

Step 1: Open the AWS console and navigate to the EC2 spot instance tab.

Step 2: After going to the spot request select the spot request which you wan to tag after selecting.

Step 3: Click on Add tag and Add key and value to the tag and finally click on add.

Tag Using API

Us the following script to tag the AWS spot ec2 instance.

aws ec2 create-spot-instance-request –TagSpecifications ‘[


“ResourceType”: “instance”,

“Tags”: [


“Key”: “Name”,

“Value”: “My Spot Instance”





The above code you need to mention the type of resource that you want to modify. Give the key value pair which you want to tag the instance.

Steps To Create The Spot Instance In Ec2 – Aws

Step 1: Click on the EC2 Service.

EC2 console


Step 2: Click on the Spot Requests.

Select spot requests

Step 3: Click on the Request Spot Instance Button.

Request spot instance

Step 4:  Click on the manually configure launch parameter

  •  Select the AMI
  • Create or Select the existing key pair

Configure launch parameters

Step 5: Select the type instances/vCPUs/Memory

  • After that select the total target capacity number

Select type of instance

Step 6: Select the Default VPC or Create a new one.

Select the VPC where our instance should create

Step 7: Configure the Required instance attributes as per the requirement.

Instance attributes

Step 8: Click on the Launch Button.


Now your Spot instance will be created and you can use it as much as possible until or unless amazon gives you a termination notification. After two minutes of the notification then your instance will be terminated. 

Stop a Spot Instance

You can stop the instance by using AWS Console, AWS CLI and AWS API.

Using AWS Console

Step 1: Sign into AWS account and navigate to the EC2 service.

Step 2: Select the spot instance that you want to stop and click on the actions menu and select the spot instance you want to stop.

Step 3: Go to the menu and select the stop instance and to conform the action write confirm in the dialog box.

Terminate a Spot Instance

After completion of your work you need to terminate the instance then only AWS will stop billing other you will be charged till you going to stop or terminate.

You can terminate the EC2 instance using the AWS console, open the AWS console go to the spot instance tab and select the instance which you want to terminate and click on the terminate button.

Using Amazon CLI

You can Amazon CLI instead of console to terminate the EC2-instance by using the following :

ec2 terminate-instances –instance-ids <instance ID>

FAQs On AWS Spot Instance

1. What Is The Difference Between EC2 Instance And Spot Instance?

An instance that uses extra EC2 capacity that is accessible for less than the On-Demand Price is known as a Spot Instance. You can dramatically reduce your Amazon EC2 expenditures by ordering unused EC2 instances from Spot Instances at considerable discounts.

2. What Is Spot Virtual Machine?

Spot virtual machines are extremely cost-effective computing instances ideal for batch tasks and fault-tolerant applications.

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