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How to Concatenate with a Line Break in Excel?

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Excel is a powerful tool to store, manage and visualize large amounts of data. This tool is usually used by accounting professionals for the analysis of financial data but can be used by anyone to manage large data.  Data is entered into the rows and columns. And then, various formulas and functions can be used to get insights from the data.

Using Concatenate with a Line Break in Excel

Concatenation refers to joining one or more strings. The line break is added to end the current line and start a new line within the same cell. 



Ways to perform the task

  1.  Using Concatenate function
  2.  Using Ampersand (&) sign

Method 1: Using Concatenate function

Concatenation refers to joining one or more string. CONCATENATE() is the function that join two or more text string into one string. It takes the value to join as an argument.

Syntax: CONCATENATE(text1, text2, text3……textn)

For purpose of demonstration take the below table and concatenate the values in columns A, B, and C with a line break.



Step 1: Use CONCATENATE() function



Double quotation with a space in between (” ”) will add a space between the texts.

Step 2: Drag the lower right corner downwards to apply the formula to the rest of the cells.



Step 3: Go to Home > Alignment > Wrap Text.






Method 2: Using Ampersand (&) sign

Ampersand sign is a concatenation operator. It is used in between the text to be joined. CHAR(10) in between the formula can be used to enter a line break.

Syntax: text1 & CHAR(10) & text2 & CHAR(10) & text3…







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Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2022
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