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How to Become Google Developer Students Club (DSC) Lead?

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DSC means Developer Student Club. It is a technical community that combines all the university students, and all the other students who learn, share ideas and come up with viable projects that are likely to solve day-to-day universe problems supported by Google. In this article, you’ll be able to know the whole application procedure and requirements for becoming a DSC lead. So, let’s started. 


What are the eligibility criteria for becoming a DSC lead? 

  • You must have to be enrolled in an undergraduate program at a college or university
  • You must have to be a student of either 1st year, 2nd year or 3rd year. Having a minimum of one year left until graduation.
  • For getting selected, you must have to be committed to the program for at least one year.

Being a DSC lead, You’ll Be Responsible For

  • Making a strong technical community in your college.
  • Making a strong core team members for your community, who have technical expertise and experience. The members must be from your college.
  • Conducting regular workshops or meetups or hackathons related to computer programming and software engineering.
  • To increase the awareness about Google products and technologies among peers.
  • Hosting of a meetup event should be done ideally once a month or at least every 3 months.
  • Showcasing the solutions developed by your club members in other events also or through the GDG events like Devfest.
  • Empowering more students to become trainers and supporting them in conducting sessions.

Benefits of Being a DSC Lead  

  • Access to Google Developer resources and opportunities for free.
  • Lead a community under direct mentorship from Google.
  • Chance to grow a personal and professional network.
  • Building real-life solutions to local problems in your community.
  • Awesome swags and goodies.
  • Get invitations for fully funded traveling opportunities to various events.
  • Be recognized as a collaborator with Google Developers.

Being connected with Developer Students Club, you’ll have a chance to participate in DSC Solution Challenge

From where I can apply? 

You can apply through this link

Application Guideline and Tips: The two most important parts of the application are video and essay questions. Here’s some insight on both. 

  • You’ll have to record a 90 seconds video about yourself, why you want to have a DSC on your campus, and why you would make a great DSC Lead. Adding more details would help us to get to know you better. Be creative, and innovative, and show what you got! They’re checking here your communication as well as your level of your enthusiasm to run a community on your campus.
  • There are three community questions based on your motivation to run a DSC, your experience in leading a project or a team, and your experience with technology which you find the most interesting. Try to include google technologies like GCP(Google Cloud Platform) or google resources like Android Study jam, 30 Days of Google Cloud, etc.

Here are some more tips that will increase your chances of getting in: 

  • You must have a decent online presence. It can be in the form of your GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter & Stack-overflow profile.
  • Having a personal portfolio will also help you a lot.
  • A strong technical understanding of computer programming and/or software engineering is also preferred.
  • Prior contribution to the DSC community in the form of core team member gives you an edge over other candidates.
  • They are looking at your passion for creating an impact in the community. So, if you have some prior leading experience in any event at your college or you have connections to the local developer community, that will also help you.
  • This is a technical community, so if you have knowledge of new techs like ML or AI or any particular domain like web development or android development, then it’ll also have a very positive impact on your application.
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Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2022
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