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How I cracked my Wipro Interview.

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2022
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It was last week of September when Wipro came to our campus for recruitment drive. Before that at summer we also got training from Wipro also on their talent acquisition platform. There they teach of java based programming, topics covered and programming questions were very good which made us ready for placements.

There were three round in their interview process, the description about that is explained below:-

Round 1: This is written round, first screening step, the platform is on AMCAT. There will be about 5 sections in that and each has separate cut-off.

FirstĀ  section is of quantitative aptitude the question were pretty easy 1 month good preparation is enough to crack this section. Second section is of logical reasoning this is also easy section but you have to be focused while doing this section.

The third section is English comprehension here your grammar will be checked and some question of word’s meaning. Reading part is also there in this section you will have to be little fast to complete the whole section.

Fourth section is of coding part here you will be given two coding questions, language choice is your’s, I preferred java. First question I got is from round robin and second tree traversing type something.

Fifth and the last section is of paragraph writing, here you have to write about in favor or oppose in the given topic. Don’t focus on writing all complete words but be focused on grammar punctuation and spelling’s. Try to write in an paragraph.

This is all about round 1 processĀ  the same night we got result and I had cleared this round.Next day there was round 2&3.

Complete Test Series for Service Based

Round 2: This is technical round I was pretty nervous but that’s fine. Just revise all your topics, all the algorithm searching and sorting, geeksforgeeks is very good platform for that I had also studied and revised from here only.

I entered the room.

Me: Goodmorning sir.

Interviewer: Gm, please sit.

Interviewer:Your resume.

Me: (I gave my resume to him).

Interviewer:- So tell me about yourself where you are from how many member are there in your family, your education 10th and 12th, college percentage and why you want to join Wipro.

Me: (I told all the things like wise).

Interviewer:- Great, So which language did you know.

Me: Sir, Java and C.

Interviewer: So write an program in java to remove the duplicates element in an array.

Me: I wrote that program, I had done that same type of program before so it takes me few minutes to do there I wrote and explained to him,

(I was nervous my hands shaking so that my writing was horrible but he had not mind it).

Interviewer:-He asked me about some OOP’s concept’s, encapsulation, abstraction and about java object. He asked what is dangling pointer and some more language specific question.

(It is now more than 30 min. of interview)

Interviewer:- Are you comfortable in relocating.

Me:- Yes sir .

Interviewer:-Ok that great, we are done with that you can wait for result .

Me:- Thank you sir.

(After 20 to 25 min I got result that I had cleared my technical round interview and next will be HR round).


Round 3: It was a telephonic interview there in college, phone was on I took the receiver,

Me:- said, hello sir Gm.

Interviewer: Gm, how are you? (he asked)

Me: I’m good how are you sir?

Interviewer: I’m also good. Whats you resume no.

Interviewer: So Ayush describe yourself in 3 words.

Me: I immediately said- confident, persistent and hardworking.

Interviewer:-Good, can you please explain me how you are persistent by giving some real life example.

Me: I told and explained him.

Interviewer:- (Some questions about team work and etc.)

Interviewer:- Thank you, we are done with today you can wait for result now.

Me:- Thank you, sir.


After three days I got result from my placement cell that I got selected and best wishes. Thats all about my interview experience.

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