Hippo Video Interview Experience | Off campus for Full Stack developer (1.5 years experienced)

I interviewed with Hippo Video for the role of Full stack developer on January 2020.

Round 1: Telephonic interview

Round 2: Hackerearth round

The coding round consisted of 9 questions to be completed in 2.5 hours.


1. Find the most visited URL and sort it according to its usage and lexically.
Sample input:
2. Sort an integer array such that the difference between consecutive numbers|a-b| is minimal.
3. Print the character followed by its occurrence in a string

Input: aareamcdace
Output: a4r1e2m1c2d1
4. Construct an HTML page to get two input numbers as m, n, display a table in the page of size mxn
5. Construct a login page and do validations for the inputs firstname, lastname, email and password.
6. Another front-end question
7. Write a query to get the students name if they have attended more than one course and order it by student name and student id.
8. Write a query to get the highest salary per department and order it by employeeid and employee name.
9. Read a text from a file and do some manipulation.

Round 3:

I completed 5 out of 9 questions and was called for next round of technical discussion.

  1. Produce a cipher for the message text which is double the size of the original text
  2. What is cipher and hashing
  3. Given a string and axb value, arrange the string as the given axb matrix and print the characters column-wise
  4. Enhancement of above question, arrange the string in spherical order as a matrix and print the characters column-wise
  5. How will you find the starting stream of a video
  6. A basic trigonometry problem
  7. What’s Multiprogramming. 
  8. How many threads do you need to handle 1000 jobs if each requires 2ms to complete it.
  9. What is the default thread count in Tomcat
  10. Discussion on the projects from resume

Round 4:

Had a technical + general discussion with CTO regarding technology, pay and expectations

Round 5:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Future goals
  3. Pay confirmation

The Pay totally depends on your bargaining skills. The process took place for 5 hours and I was offered the role of Member Technical Staff(Full stack developer).


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