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High performance Computing

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  • Last Updated : 25 Jun, 2020

It is the use of parallel processing for running advanced application programs efficiently, relatives, and quickly. The term applies especially is a system that function above a teraflop (1012) (floating opm per second).

The term High-performance computing is occasionally used as a synonym for supercomputing. Although technically a supercomputer is a system that performs at or near currently highest operational rate for computers. Some supercomputers work at more than a petaflop (1012) floating points opm per second. The most common HPC system all scientific engineers & academic institutions. Some Government agencies particularly military are also relying on APC for complex applications.

High-performance Computers :
Processors, memory, disks, and OS are elements of high-performance computers of interest to small & medium size businesses today are really clusters of computers. Each individual computer in a commonly configured small cluster has between one and four processors and today ‘s processors typically are from 2 to 4 crores, HPC people often referred to individual computers in a cluster as nodes. A cluster of interest to a small business could have as few as 4 nodes on 16 crores. Common cluster size in many businesses is between 16 & 64 crores or from 64 to 256 crores. The main reason to use this is that in its individual node can work together to solve a problem larger than any one computer can easily solve. These nodes are so connected that they can communicate with each other in order to produce some meaningful work.

There are two popular HPC’s software i. e, Linux, and windows. Most of installations are in Linux because of its supercomputer but one can use it with his / her requirements.

Importance of High performance Computing :

  1. It is used for scientific discoveries, game-changing innovations, and to improve quality of life.
  2. It is a foundation for scientific & industrial advancements.
  3. It is used in technologies like IoT, AI, 3D imaging evolves & amount of data that is used by organization is increasing exponentially to increase ability of a computer, we use High-performance computer.
  4. HPC is used to solve complex modeling problems in a spectrum of disciplines. It includes AI, Nuclear Physics, Climate Modelling, etc.
  5. HPC is applied to business uses as well as data warehouses & transaction processing.

Need of High performance Computing :

  1. It will complete a time-consuming operation in less time.
  2. It will complete an operation under a light deadline and perform a high numbers of operations per second.
  3. It is fast computing, we can compute in parallel over lot of computation elements CPU, GPU, etc. It set up very fast network to connect between elements.

Need of ever increasing Performance :

  1. Climate modeling
  2. Drug discovery
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Protein folding
  5. Energy research

Main Components :

User → Computers cluster → Data storage 

In HPC architecture computer servers must be networked together in a cluster.
Programs & algorithms are run simultaneously on server in cluster.
Cluster is networked to data storage to capture output. Together this achieve a complete set of meaningful work.

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