HackWithInfy Interview Experience for SES Role 2019

Round 1:Online Coding Test(30-06-2019)- Test is conducted in Hackerrank platform.It consisted of 3 questions based on data structures and algorithms.The questions are little bit difficult.I solved 2 questions partially.Top 7000 from this test will be qualifed for Round 2.Luckily I got selected for Round 2.

Round 2:Online Coding Test(14-07-2019)-It is similar to Round 1 but questions will be somewhat difficult than Round 1.I solved 1 completely among 3.Top 3000 from this test will be qualified for SES interview and top 300 will be qualified for Power Programmer Interview.I got selected for SES interview.

Round 3:Technical and HR Interview(12-08-2019)

Interviewer : Good Afternoon Balaji, Take your seat.

Me : Good Afternoon sir.

Interviewer : Tell me about yourself.

Me : Answered.

Interviewer : Have you done any mini-project?

Me : Yes sir. I completed a mini- project on shopping website using PHP, SQL and hosted it.

Interviewer : Please describe about your project.

Me : Explained all the things like Registration, Login, Shopping, adding to cart and storing data in database.I also showed some screenshots to him.I think he got impressed by seeing screenshots.

Interviewer : How do you handle pressure situations?

Me : Explained.

Interviewer : Do you know anything about latest trending technologies like Big data, Machine Learning etc?

Me : Yes sir, I have a basic understanding of these topics. I wish to learn more by doing online courses.

Interviewer : Ok.

Interviewer : What is your aim?

Me : Answered.

Interviewer : Do you have any questions?

Me : Asked about my Performance.

Interviewer : Told that I was good and what Infosys expects from the freshers.

Me : Ok sir.

Interviewer : Ok Balaji, Please wait Outside.

Me : Ok sir.Thank you.


They mainly focussed on projects.If you have done any project and have knowledge on programming then you can easily crack this interview.All the best.


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