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HackWithInfy SES Interview Experience 2020

  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2021

The HackWithInfy consist of 3round

Round 1(Coding Round):

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  • The Coding round was held on the HackerEarth  Coding platform on 30th March 2020. 
  • It comprises 3 questions with Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels of each. 
  • The time allotted to solve these questions is 3 hrs. 
  • I had solved 1 question completely and the rest 2 partially. So, I made it to the next round. 

Round 2(Coding Round): This Coding round was also held on the HackerEarth platform on 31st May 2020. 

  • It also comprises 3 questions but the level of the questions increases. 
  • In this round, we won’t able to see the number of test cases your code has passed while submitting. 
  • In my case, I got questions from Strings, PriorityQueue, and Graphs. Based on the performance one can be offered PPI for an SES or PP role. 
  • I had solved 2 questions and I got PPI for the SES role.

Round 3(Interview): My interview was held online on the Infosys Meridian platform and last for 1 hour. 

Interviewer: he introduced himself to me and he said that he has already gone through my resume. So, he asked me to tell him about the technologies that I know.

Me: Answered

Interviewer: explain any one of the technology.

Me: Answered

Interviewer: explain briefly about your projects.

Me: I had done 3 projects and I explained them.

Interviewer: asked me to explain one of my Android-based projects in detail

Me: Explained

Interviewer: asked me questions about that project.

Me: I answered all of them 

Interviewer: asked me about my favorite subjects 

Me: Data Structure and Algorithms

Interviewer: Another one?


Interviewer: asked Questions from DBMS like codd rules, Normalization, and Joins. 

Me: Answered all of them except one question (from codd rules).

Interviewer: are you good at programming

Me: yes sir

Interviewer: if I give you a question can you solve it

Me: yes sir

Interviewer: in which language

Me: Java or Python I am comfortable with any of them sir.

Interviewer: ok.

Interviewer: I will give you a logical question, just give me the approach I don’t need the answer. can you do that?

Me: yes sir

Interviewer: I bought 72 identical items. Each item had the same cost ‘X’, and the cost was Rs. _679_  what are the first and last digits? (you can find the problem directly on google).

Me: give him the approach. (even it is a simple problem I literally take 10min to solve this the interview was so nice and he is giving me hints, he was impressed by my approach and said that was a nice idea)( i gave him an approach that is not on google).

Interviewer: Any questions for me?

Me: asked him to share his experience with Infosys

Interviewer: he answered with different types of job roles he did in infosys.

Interviewer:  As per company policies I can’t tell you about your performance.

Me: Ok sir.

After 5 days I got a mail that I had selected for the SES role.

Tips for Interview:

  • Be confident about your answers. Prepare your resume well. if you dont know the answer, just say that you don’t know. have good knowledge about your projects.
  • I had got my stuff from GeeksforGeeks interview experiences and CodeChef( Hope it will be helpful.

Thank you GeeksforGeeks.

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