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Infosys SES Interview via HackWithInfy 2019

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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Round 1: HackWithInfy Round 1

Online Coding Competition conducted on Hackerrank. One had to solve 3 questions in 180 minutes. Conducted on 30 June. Result declared on July 9.

Round 2:

Same format as Round 1 but of a little bit difficult level. Conducted on 14 July. For Power Programmer role, try to solve more than 2 questions at least. To be eligible for Hackathon, you will have to solve all 3 questions. In my class, some who solved 2 questions got chance for PP role interview while some got chance for SES role. I had solved 1.5 questions. So, I got call for SES role interview. Result was declared on 1 August.

Round 3:

Round 3 was interview round. I would like to mention that if you belong to South India, you will get PPI around 10 Aug but if you belong to North India(Delhi-NCR, UP), Interview date will be around 25 Aug. This is the trend for last two years.

I got mail on 18 Aug about PPI to be conducted on 27 Aug. Infy gives ample time to prepare for interview.

Interviewer : What languages were there in your curriculum?

Me : C, Python, Java

Interviewer: In which language did you code in competitions?

Me: Python

Interviewer : Are you good in Java?

Me : Yes

Interviewer : Can you code at the moment in Java?

Me : Yes

Interviewer: Given a number N, print prime numbers alternatively. For eg, N=20, print = 2, 5, 11, 17(not to print 3, 7, 13).

Me : I wrote code on sheet.

Interviewer : What Projects have you done?

Me: Described my projects. Answered some questions based on them.

Interviewer asked about my family and if I am comfortable in relocating.

I answered accordingly.

Interviewer : Do you have any questions?

I asked 1-2 questions.

There was no HR round in Infosys for SES role this year.

Results will be declared via mails.

I received confirmation on 3 Sep 2019 via college.

All the best.

Tips : 1) Prepare your Resume well enough.

2) Have good and practical knowledge of OOPS(Java will always be preferred).

3) Good knowledge of Data Structures.

4) Some knowledge of latest trends.


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