GS Labs Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

I attended GS Lab campus drive. It was nice experience.
The Selection process has 4 rounds:

1. Technical and Programming Online Test
2. First Technical interview
3. Second Technical interview
4. HR interview

1. Technical and Programming Online Test

So, first coming to online test, it was a purely Technical test with 12 objective questions based on computer engineering , 3 easy small programs and 2 bit difficult but logical programs. According to my experience the objective questions doesn’t matters much the main thing is programming question. The time given was more then sufficient ideally it should be 2 hours but you can take as much time as you want. The main problem is you cant move to next programming questions until you write correct program.

Around 200 students gave test from my college and only 7 who submitted all correct programs was shortlisted and called for round of interviews at their office in Baner Pune.

2. First Technical interview

It was a pool campus type, there were around 50 students from top 5-6 colleges of Pune. Generally Software Architects or Associate architects in the company take this one. So it is pretty thorough. Interviewer was a nice gay and very helpful. It lasts about 45-90 minutes. The questions are conceptual and algorithmic. and require analysis. If you can not solve or do not know stuff, it is better to say “I don’t know” rather that creating stuff there because with the experience those interviewers have, it’s very probable that they are experts in that domain.

The questions touched basics of almost every subject of computer engineering right from Processor to OOPS,DBMS, CN,OS and a detailed discussion on my project and the seminar. He has told me to write 2 programs one for minimum pallindrome for a given string and 2nd for finding endianness of a number as i told i don’t know about endianness he explained me the concept then told to write program.

3. Second Technical interview

Very similar to Technical Interview 1 except that it is conducted by even more senior person. And the questions are totally conceptual and understanding based. Interviewer was a lady and very helpful. she offered me coffee when i get into interview room.

She started with introduce yourself then discussion on project. Then she asked me some questions on c, cpp and ds. After that she told me to design a website and draw a detailed (Front end, back end everything) architecture of it. She asked around 15-20 SQL queries based on the architecture i had drawn and pushing me to find mistakes and correct them. Then she told me to write to programs one for sorting the 1’s and 0’s and her main focus is on time complexity. 2nd program based on doubly linked list.

At last, She asked me some HR questions and then some condition based questions. Interview lasts about 60-90 mins.

4. HR interview

This is the last part of the process. This lasts for about 20 minutes.the questions are about personal life and interest etc. They want to just check your attitude and interest about the company. Unless you say something really stupid or give them reason not to choose you, you will make through this round. At last she told me, Very soon you will be joining us and we are offering you this.. this…

That’s all. This is my whole interview experience. I hope this will help..

Thank You….

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